Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sad Moments

The past two days have been fill with "sad" moments from Trenton. Trenton's mood has been a roller coaster yesterday and today. There was no school on Monday. Therefore, I switched Trenton's in home ABA appointment to 9 AM instead of 3 PM. Trenton was up all night on Sunday and started his Monday morning off with random crying spells. By 9 AM I had cried enough to fill a bath tub full of my tears myself. Trenton would be fine one minute and the next he would run up to me with huge tears rolling down his face, shaking his head no, and crying continuously. This is not a meltdown folks, this was just crying. This continued off and on all day. All of his therapist witnessed it during their sessions with him. His ABA therapist and OT said they thought Trenton was very sensitive to noise and could hear everything within a huge radius and this was how he was choosing to handle it. While Trenton cried, he also would cover his ears, shaking his head no which gave us the clue it was his hearing sense that was completely off. He wore his headphones on Monday in the afternoon. Unfortunately, this started again Tuesday afternoon. Trenton's sad days and sad moments are very emotional.  I pray for happy day tomorrow!!

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