Saturday, November 2, 2013


Which scenario would you choose?

1. You enjoy a nice Saturday evening at a weiner roast that is literally right next door to you. You enjoy great conversation while watching your children play and engage with others. After the weiner roast is over, you put your kids in their pajamas and tuck them in bed for the night. You close their door, rest asured that they will be asleep in minutes and sleep til the rooster crows in the morning.

2. You are unable to attend the wiener roast next door. Instead you are about to drop dead by 5 PM because you were up from 11:45 PM to 3:30 AM standing in the middle of your kitchen floor while your oldest son, who happens to have autism, runs circles around you. He went into a tantrum if you tried to sit down. Therefore, by 5 PM you are tired and so is your  child. You both have bags under your eyes that weigh 30 lbs each. He is fussy and tired so you start playing the soft music and give him all of his sensory products to help his body calm down. You pray he has an evening where he can realize what he wants. Instead, it is an evening where he is having out of body experiences, conducting inappropriate laughing, can't quit moving and touching every item in your house, lines his toys up, takes them down and lines them up again, and runs circles in your house over and over and over. Once you think his body can stop, it all starts again. He cries for a car ride and you give him a car ride. After 30 minutes, you go home because he is about to tear up his car seat he is so hyper. Once in your house, it all starts again.Finally, you take him on another 30 minute car ride and you are successful this time in calming his body down and putting him to sleep.  The total time you have spent helping your child go to sleep is 3 hours and 30 minutes and unfortunately that is normal.

Now, unless you have lost your mind I think most would put scenario 1. I wish I could have picked that tonight. However, we spent our night in scenario 2 which is the norm around our household. The joys of living with autism......................

The last two days, Trenton has either lined up almost everything or "bunched" up almost everything,
 In the below picture, he lined up some of his animals and then grabbed each one and conducted self stimulatory behavior off of them for a few seconds. He is becoming a big viusal stimmer these days, (To calm his nervous system down, he picks up objects and looks at them in a very different way for a few seconds.)

 This is what I mean by "bunching" his toys up. He loves to bunch them all up around him.

 We are still doing MeMoves. He really enjoys it and so do I!

 He enjoyed laying in the middle of all of his stuffed animals today. Trenton wanted to be on bottom!
 Andrew is feeling better! He is still taking medicine and getting breathing treatments but he is finally getting better! He enjoyed Mommy's homemade soup!! He is my soup and salad boy.
 I thought this line was very interesting. He lined up his relaxing bubble maker, his sippy,Andrew's sippy, Windex, Ziploc bag, and the number 6. This line was tonight in the middle of his episode. What in the world was going through his mind?

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