Monday, November 4, 2013

The Anthem for Autism

I can't watch this beautiful song and video without crying. I'm sure every momma out there of a child with autism feels the same way I do when they watch this video.

For the past three days I have watched my child do inappropriate laughing for minutes and hours on end, reject any type of sensory help I can offer him, have no idea what to do when he is tired other than pace the house and touch every object he sees, hallucinate, spin in circles, chew through a shirt, etc, etc, etc,!!!!!!
The pain I go through daily is something I would never wish upon anyone. Most of all, the pain I see Trenton go through daily is enough to make a person question absolutely everything in this life. It makes me want to step outside, scream at the top of my lungs...WHY??????????  TELL ME WHY??????????????????? This blog could get really rude and cruel tonight so I better keep it all to myself.

Enjoy the video

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1 comment:

  1. Who knows why? But probably one thing is clear, Trenton picked you up as his mom because he knew you could take it all and still love him. And Andrew always wants to pick you up when you fall.

    Trenton will not let you stop discovering things and Andrew will work as a Gatorade when you need it.

    Well it's true for me, my son being the constant source of my journey of discoveries and my daughter just picks me up with her smile and looks, when down! They keep playing good cop - bad cop on me :-) .. and I love it!