Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuesday was a better day!

We had a better day on Tuesday. No episodes like Monday night, thank goodness!!!

We did have two new things on our agenda yesterday. First, Andrew went to a babysitter yesterday morning. He will continue to go to a babysitter one day a week in the morning. This is to help Andrew with his social skills. Also, it will give him an opportunity to play with other toddlers his age. It is obvious that Trenton is not a role model in that area. He did good for the first time. Who knows, maybe we will work our way up to a few days a week! Secondly, I have hired a young high school student to come do structure play with Trenton on Tuesday after she gets out of school. I can not do structure play with Trenton every second of my life. I also have Andrew that I need to raise. If Trenton is not doing structure play he is fussy, throwing toys around, and destroying the house. Therefore, as long as this nice young lady wants to do this, she will come and play with Trenton for 30-60 minutes on Tuesdays. Yesterday was her first day and she did fantastic! I guided her on how to play with him and she did great. Remind you, it is not typical 3 year old play. He is sitting in his desk chair doing structure play. If I ever have time to get my video uploaded from Saturday, you will see what I am talking about.

Here are a few pictures to humor you...

I was trying to do laundry but Trenton thought my socks and his socks needs to be lined up on top of a blanket.

Andrew what in the world are you doing?

Trenton you will get stuck!
 Trenton does it, Andrew has to try too!
 He still loves the oven.

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