Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekend off on the wrong foot.

This weekend got started off on the wrong foot! As soon as I brag about Trenton's good phase of sleeping, we entered into the dreaded bad phase. UGH!!

He was awake at 12:30 AM last night and did not go back to sleep til 4:40 AM. He was wide awake and ready to go at 12:30. For the first few hours he walked around the house moving small toys around like he normally does. The last few hours he tried to go to sleep but his body was not letting him. Or should I say his brain was not letting him. He got so frustrated. It is very difficult to watch your child scream and cry out because they are so tired but their body is going 110 mph with who knows what kind of feeling crawling all over their body. His body and mind finally gave up the fight at 4:40 but only to awake at 6:10 AM crying. Trenton continued to cry and have small tantrums and meltdowns until roughly 9:00 AM. He was tired but once again the mind and body would not let him sleep. During this whole ordeal he tried and tried to talk. He babbled very loudly with huge tears rolling down his face. He looked my way every once in awhile and his eyes spoke a thousand words when they glanced at me. I heard his eyes say, "Mom help me. Why can't I just fall asleep like most people? Mommy please do something? I don't want to feel like this anymore." Unfortunately, Mommy does everything she can but this is one issue I haven't found the solution to. It is 6:00 PM as I type this and he is asleep. He is back to sleeping whenever his body will let him. His history has proven that during this stage he will wake up between 11 &12 and if he is lucky, he will fall back to sleep around 4 AM and up for the day around 6 AM. Mommy normally gets to sleep from 10-11 and 4-6. What fun!

This one small issue of sleep is just ONE minor example and reason why we can't do anything, why we can't travel, why we have no energy for the holidays, why we live day by day and never get to do anything or plan anything. Sleep is crucial folks! Watching your child suffer every minute of the day sucks every ounce of life out of you! I appreciate those of you who realize our struggles and support of us everyday. We wouldn't have the energy to live this life if it wasn't for your support.

On the contrary, we did have an excellent 4 hours today. That is when I got out the camera to document a few photos.

First, Mommy had a small art project ready to go for the boys. We painted some Thanksgiving pictures. Trenton loves this! It is a good sensory break too! Andrew hated it.

 Trenton's pictures.

 Andrew's picture.
Trenton had a great therapy session with Mommy! The best we have ever had. I hope to post a quick video on our session.

 We used our chart. He chose to work for Skittles today.
 Daddy hung a mirror in his bedroom so he can look at himself in the mirror and play. HE LOVES IT!
 I wish I knew what he was thinking when he was playing.
This was his audience. He lined them up and kept on glancing at them for approval during his play. It was very cute.

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