Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Catching you up!

The past few days have been busy and crazy like normal. Trenton had the flu on Monday.  Therefore, he stayed home from school and all of his therapies were cancelled. Tuesday morning he is better and we have our normal day! I picked him up from school and we headed to our ABA session with Heather.  On our 40 minute drive to see Heather, Trenton has a massive explosion of diarrhea.( I am only telling you this story because most of you shed tears of sorrow with me daily and tears of joy. Now, maybe you can get a good little laugh out of our crazy Tuesday!) Once I heard it and smelled it, my first thought was, "We have 25 minutes til we have to get there. What am I going to do?"  Transitioning Trenton in and out of a vehicle can be a nightmare on most days. Walking into a gas station with a child with autism can be a nightmare! Taking a three year old into a public restroom who is not potty trained is not a good situation. The baby changing table does not hold a three year old boy with autism.

 I had no choice. I had to pull over at a gas station and change him.  I grabbed the diaper bag, open up his door to get him out of his car seat. The second I get him out of his car seat, I see a puddle of poop in his car seat, poop up his back, poop all down the back of his jeans, and now it is all over me! Great! He starts kicking and fighting me which means no time to think about the poop I just had to get in the restroom ASAP!
I go into the handicap stall, strip his clothes off of him, and go to clean the poop from his whole entire back side and I discover I have no wipes! They fell out of my diaper bag in the mist of his kicking episodes. Wetting toilet paper does not work very good and of course it is a restroom with hand air dryers and no paper towels. Lovely! I quickly cleaned him up the best I could, change his clothes, cleaned it off of me the best I could and we were off to the car. I put him in Andrew's seat and thank goodness Trenton did not mind this. On some days, he would not have been able to handle not being in HIS car seat.

We arrive at therapy smelling like poop. I take him into the restroom with my wipes and clean him up good this time. Trenton goes into therapy, I go outside to clean the puddle of diarrhea out of his car seat. I go back into therapy and sit and listen. Now it didn't take me long to realize that I still reeked of poop! I could barely concentrate on his therapy session because I was wondering if everyone in the place could smell me. I needed a change of clothes but what 32 year old carries a change of clothes with her in case her child gets poop on her. By the time we left therapy I felt like I had played the leading role of a family comedy movie.
On our way home, Trenton has another episode of massive diarrhea. This time we were not far from Nana's house where we were picking up Andrew. I get him out of his car seat and yes we have another puddle of diarrhea and poop everywhere. I have never in my life smelled so much like poop until I was able to take a shower that evening.

We had a much better day today with no huge poop messes!! However, Andrew has came down with the flu now. I wonder if this means Tim and I are next?

On another note, Trenton has been doing a lot of spinning lately. I am not sure why. I know a lot of children with autism spin for a stim. I don't know if the spinning will last or if it is just a phase. He has been a little more silent for me the past few days. However, he did say the words "white" "juice" and a few other words today at school. During his therapies, he continues to say or try to say the animal names, colors, shapes, and numbers.

There are days when I get so excited that Trenton repeated a few words and I think about how much progress we have made and then there are moments where it is a slap in the face about how much he truly does not understand and get the concept of. For example, the computer was open to amazon one day and in the middle of trying to manage life with the boys at home I was trying to do some Christmas shopping. (Going Christmas shopping for the day is unheard of when raising a child like Trenton. I do EVERYTHING online, even groceries sometimes.) Well, I accidentally left the screen open and Trenton saw the toys that were on the computer. He took my hand and threw my hand to the computer. I told him numerous times that it was just a picture. He didn't understand and for the next hour I dealt with a huge meltdown. He could not stop himself from crying, kicking, hitting, screaming, etc. It was bad. That is a moment when it's like, "Wow! We  have such a long way to go." That is why one of the verses of the Bible I live by is...

 Romans 12:12
Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;

I rejoice in our progress and in constant prayer about our struggles.

Trenton got a Snowman as a gift today and he loved it!! He suggles it and two of his stuffed animals on the way to therapy.

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