Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Program!! Proudest Mommy Ever!!

I think I was the proudest Mommy in the county today!! Proudest Mommy in the world more like it!
We had Trenton's Christmas program today at his school and he did PERFECT! He did AMAZING!! He was AWESOME!!! He walked into that gym with the crowd of people and acted like he had been doing it for years. The tears were instant in my eyes when I saw him walking in holding his teachers hand. He never once went into a meltdown due to the crowd or noise. He didn't once wander off. I was so proud of him! To watch your child walk into a gym and stand in front of a crowd for that length of time knowing his battles he fights daily was simply amazing. I never would have thought 20 months ago when he could not even enter into his therapist office without a complete autistic meltdown that would last for 30 plus minutes, that we would be able to do this today.  Therefore, it was a very sweet moment as his Mommy who is by his side each step of the way. I am the one who has been through hell and back with him. I am the one who he sleeps with, cries with him, up with him in the night, I have been kicked, hit, punched, and slapped in the face by my own son. So yes, I witnessed a miracle today! I witnessed a dream come true! I witnessed what can happen when you put everything into your child.

Trenton James you are amazing!!! I can't get your Christmas program out of my mind!! Our hard work is paying off. You are such a hard worker and brave little boy. I am SO PROUD to be your Mommy! I am so honored to be your Mommy! God knew what he was doing when he put the two of us together!

Pictures at home before school today. He only looked up at the camera for one split second.
  These two are a handful together! Trenton would not look at the camera and Andrew was acting silly.
 I cropped out the other kids but here are a few picture of him during his program.

Romans 8:28

 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


  1. Little "T" made his Nana very proud today!!!!! Grandma great, too!!!!! We love you, Trenton!