Saturday, December 7, 2013

Great Saturday!

We had another great day! Trenton continues to be on top of his game these days :-)

We got out on the icy roads and went to the Milner's house this morning for a play date! Trenton did great! He loved all of Ethan's toys. Andrew loved them too. I think they managed to get out almost every toy the Milner boys own. (So sorry Emily!) Mommy forgot to take a picture but the boys had a great time!!

This afternoon we enjoyed time with Grandma and Grandpa! Trenton continued to have a fantastic day! Trenton said a few words again today. He said "hi", "help me", "open," and several animal names. His voice is just the most amazing thing I have ever heard! Also, Trenton did fantastic with engaging with Andrew this afternoon at moments. He let Andrew take some box rides with him! This was a huge moment!

He could not leave the Milner's house without taking one of Ethan's puzzles. He loved it and played with it all afternoon.

 Trenton went into his room tonight when he was tired. A few minutes later, we found him asleep in his bed. If only it were this easy all the time!! Although, this makes two easy nights this week falling asleep! Way to go Trenton!

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