Monday, December 2, 2013

He loves me!!

During my three short years of motherhood, one of the many things that my heart longs for is for Trenton to be able to show me affection and love like a typical child shows their mother. Unfortunately, that is part of autism. He simply can't. However, when I have a moment like I did today with Trenton, I embrace every second of it, I stop and thank God for it, and I look forward to the next. So what did he do??

I was waiting for Trenton by the front office at his school like I normally do.  Ms. Jenny always walks him to me from his classroom. Today, when he saw me, he let go of Ms. Jenny's hand and ran to me!! It was very special! He was excited to see me!!! This is Trenton's way of showing me love!

Yesterday during church, Trenton turned and faced me and gave me a kiss. He never gives spontaneous kisses. I think it might be his first spontaneous kiss since regression.
He is really having some good days lately!  I love these good days and I embrace them! I embrace every second of them.

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  1. How very special Angie!!!!!! I am smiling ear to ear trying to picture this moment between you two. I hope these days continue!!