Saturday, December 21, 2013

One down!

I have had the pleasure of getting  to know some awesome special needs parents since being on this journey. Majority of the autism moms like me can't wait til the holidays are over. Thanks goodness we have one celebration down! Trenton did not have a very good day. He slept awful last night which played a role. A child with autism that has the sensory processing needs like Trenton, can only handle so much. Yes, they can take it in and last for awhile but when it is time to go, it is time to go. Nana and Pops house is like home to Trenton. It seriously is his second home. With the stimulation of people, presents, conversation, he only lasted three hours in his second home. The Christmas celebration started off with Mommy in tears and ended with Mommy, Andrew, and Trenton in tears. Why do we put our child through this??? If it was my choice I wouldn't. Not one second of it is relaxing and enjoyable.
I have educated myself enough to know that what he is taking in sounds like 50 stereos going off on full blast, voices are coming at him from the ceiling, floor, and every which direction you can imagine. When he happens to glance your way in an environment that is full of sensory overload,  he might see your face as a distorted alien. I could mention more but my point is, I know what it is doing to him and it makes me sick to my stomach! Again, why do we put our child and loved one through this??
I have came across some amazing blogs written by moms and dads of children with special needs, particularly autism. Each and everyone of them feel the exact same way. Why do I write? I write just like they do, so we all don't feel alone!!
Our next Christmas is in a bigger house. Maybe we will last longer! Can't wait for this season to be over with!

I do want to share some pretty awesome autism gifts we received today. First, Nana made Trenton an autism quilt! I love it!
 A few examples of the squares on the quilt.

 We also received some autism wall decor. This is awesome!

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  1. I understand completely. I actually sought out ASD blogs this evening because we had such a difficult day with our eight year old special needs son. Of course our day involved many Christmas related activities. I also have a younger daughter and want so badly for Christmas to be a joyful time for her.. It is so difficult when one child suffers from an ASD because the sibling suffers as well. Thanks for your post. Although I am sorry your day did not go well it is comforting to know that we are not alone. I hope you and your family have a peaceful Christmas.