Sunday, December 1, 2013


Trenton has had an amazing Thanksgiving break! He has adjusted well to his schedule. When times got tough for him, he handled them like a big boy! The past few days Trenton has started chewing on things again. This is how he deals with his anxiety. Remind you, Trenton has modulation with his needs.
  • Sensory modulation disorder (SMD) consists of over-responding, or under-responding to sensory stimuli or seeking sensory stimulation. Sensory modulation refers to a complex central nervous system process by which neural messages that convey information about the intensity, frequency, duration, complexity, and novelty of sensory stimuli are adjusted.Subtypes are over-responsivity, under-responsivity and sensory craving (seeking)This group may include a fearful and/or anxious pattern, negative and/or stubborn behaviors, self-absorbed behaviors that are difficult to engage or creative or actively seeking sensation

On Saturday, Nana made us a nice, huge Thanksgiving meal. (Nana felt bad that we are unable to enjoy the holidays like most  families can.) It was a very pleasant day with family!
When it got too loud, he used his headphones.

 Sometimes he had to chew and use the headphones at the same time.

Nana loves Trenton so much! She even designed a special tree for him this year. Nana has been working hard the past few weeks on making puzzle piece ornaments.  The boys helped decorate Trenton's special tree this year!

I love it!!! The most beautiful tree I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

At the end of the night, he did a great job sitting for a picture with Andrew and Lincoln.
I am very proud of you for having such a great Thanksgiving break! I love you Bubba!!!!!!!

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