Monday, December 16, 2013

Speak Smooth & N-Met

For all the Mommy's out there with chidren with autism, I want to share two of the supplements that Trenton is on. The first one, is my favorite. It is called Speak Smooth. By far, I think Speak Smooth has helped him the most. I am a big fan of Omega-3 Fatty acids for anyone with any type of developmental problem, especially autism.

Speak smooth combines key nutrients for children with special nutritional requirements in a delicious, smooth liquid. 
The highly concentrated omega-3 found in speak smooth is combined with 2 forms of vitamin E, 2 forms of vitamin K, and GLA to address the needs of children with special nutritional requirements.  Speak smooth contains two different types of vitamin E: d-alpha tocopherol and gamma tocopherol.  Gamma tocopherol provides protection against nitrogen-based free radicals which alpha tocopherol cannot do.  D-alpha tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant working in the lipid portion of cell membranes.  Without adequate levels of d-alpha, omega-3 fats oxidize and are unlikely to remain in a functional form.  The two nutrients work synergistically to prevent oxidation of the fat-containing outer layer of cells and enhance the health benefits of omega-3.
EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids
EPA and DHA always occur together in nature and work synergistically in the body.  EPA provides metabolic support for proper nerve & brain cell function while DHA provides structural support.  Residing primarily in cell membranes, EPA supports immune and inflammatory conditions.  DHA is primarily found in brain cell membranes and supports brain function.  These highly functional omega-3 fats and vitamin E help to counteract malabsorption and cell oxidation.
Due to the theoretical blood thinning effects of omega-3 and vitamin E, vitamin K (a normal and healthy blood clotting nutrient) is also included.  This precise combination of  ingredients is delivered in a delicious, smoothie-type liquid that kids will actually ask to take.

 The other supplement I want to share is N-Met.
To help his autistic son, Dr. Pardee invented N-MET formula. The overwhelmingly successful results experienced with his son, other children and many adults affected by Sensory Overload encouraged them to share their discovery.
     Dr. Pardee served on the faculty at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University from 1982-2009, where he was  Associate Dean of the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences from 1997-2007, and Associate Dean of Research from 2007-2009.

N-Met is suppose to do the following:
1. Reduced Anger & Aggression
N-MET drives production of L-Glycine in the brain to reduce anger, tantrums, and aggression.

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