Wednesday, December 11, 2013


We are finally back in school!!! Trenton has had several snow days lately thanks to the ice and snow storm that came through the area almost a week ago. Overall, he handled his days fairly well. We are back in ABA therapy at Effingham (Heather was on vacation last week). Therefore, we are doing good!!

Trenton continues to say a few words each day. He will at least repeat 5 words for me a day and say his animal names spontaneously. Today at school he spontaneously said "juice"!! I pray this continues!!!!! Yesterday in ABA therapy, he said "help" to Heather when he needed some help!

He still continues to tolerate Andrew very well! Trenton lets Andrew in his room when he is in there lately.  After the boys had their bath and got in their pj's the other night, I stepped back into the bathroom to clean up the water that had splashed everywhere. When I walked back into Trenton's room I found this...

The last few nights he has really been a big boy about falling asleep. His body is letting him just relax when he is tired and drift off to sleep without a huge 4 hour battle. Last night he fell asleep in his bed and tonight he fell asleep on the couch.  When his body just lets him relax and go to sleep, he likes to fall asleep sucking on his sippy cup like a baby with a bottle. It breaks my heart to watch him do it.

On Tuesday Trenton sat in a restaurant and ate!!! He tolerated a restaurant!! This is huge! This comes and goes with him. Only a few short weeks ago I tried McDonalds and he was standing up in the seat, jumping in the seat, pounding on the wall, trying to stand on top of the table, throwing toys, pouring salt everywhere.......And that was a good experience for me but on Tuesday he did even better than that! He sat in the booth and tolerated the restaurant well! A restaurant experience always depends on his sensory problems for the day. It has to always be a fast in and out experience. No sit down take your time restaurants in our future for a long time.

The past few days Trenton has taken a few of his friends along for the ride to therapy. He always has to take a "security" with him and just never know what it will be. Lately, its a few of his stuffed animals.

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