Saturday, December 28, 2013

Updates on this and that over the past few days!

Originally I was super excited about the day after Christmas. Trenton had three therapies on the schedule and it would keep him busy for a good part of the day. Between his cold, too much stimulation over Chirstmas, and his out of routine schedule, therapy was not as good as I hoped for. His last session of the day only lasted 20 min. It is suppose to last one hour and that was ABA with Heather. He cried and fussed the whole time and was screaming "all done".
On Friday, Trenton wanted to take his new animal figurines with him to therapy. They went with us everywhere that day. They even went to the restroom with us.

Friday we had no therapies and Trenton still did not feel the best. He stayed in his room a good part of the day which is highly unusual. Needless to say, his energy level was still way down. He wanted to be alone too. When he wanted me, he would go to his doorway and make his "I need help noise". Yes, he has lots of noises and they all sound just a little different. He has a noise for:
  • I need help
  • I am mad
  • I am tired
  • I am bored
  • stimming noises
The five noises all sound different and I know exactly which one he is doing when I hear it.

We did have a successful communication exchange on Friday. At one point I heard him go to his doorway and make the noise for help. Once I walked up to the door way, he grabbed my hand and threw it up in the air. This informs me that he needs something. I go and get his iPad. I pull up his communication app.I brought up his food and drink items. He immediately hit the button for "juice box". I fetch him a juice box and he was thrilled!!! I was thrilled!!! We had a successful communication exchange!!!! YAY!!!!!  Our successful exchanges are few and far between. I pray one day, we will be have many exchanges!

It took him  a very long time to calm his body down for bed last night. He finally went to bed around ten o'clock and I immediately went right behind him. The past few nights he wakes up a lot in the night due to his cold but through the grace of God, he lets me cuddle him back to sleep and we have had no big wakeful periods for a few nights.

This morning by seven AM he is having a mini meltdown. He wanted to go somewhere and of course it is Christmas break which means no school and less therapies. He was feeling better today and was wanting one of the two I believe. I drove him in the car for a bit and that seemed to settle him down after awhile.
Also, Andrew woke up sick today. He officially has Trenton's cough, runny nose, and he has a fever. UGH! Andrew and a fever makes me nervous due to the two febrile seizures he has had.  We go right from the stomach flu to chest colds. UGH!

Oh and for the best part of the last few days......we have been living in the dark. Ha! Trenton will not let us have any lights on in our house.( Sometimes he can hear the humming noises that light bulbs have. Neuro-typical people can't hear but people with sensory processing disorders can.) It gets dark at 5:00 PM. This means we are living in the dark from 5 PM til he goes to bed. Lots of fun let me tell you....

Trenton has really been enjoying his bed full of animals lately. On Christmas night he fell asleep on top of all of his animals.
 Wow!!! Can we get any more??? He loves them!
 Resting with them on Friday afternoon,
Today, Daddy walked in and found him like this...
I can't even remember the last time he took a one hour nap!! This tells me, he still does not feel good.

A few days ago, I turned to see what Andrew was up to and he looked like this...
He is my little ham at times!

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