Friday, January 31, 2014

Sleep Specialist

Trenton had a check up with Dr. Paruthi, his sleep specialist on Thursday. The whole experience at the hospital this time left a lot to be desired. Trenton was unable to cope with the atmosphere on Thursday. He screamed, cried, resisted help, and was very difficult to transition. EVERYONE was looking at us. It was obvious to everyone that Trenton had a problem. Thankfully, a kind worker at the hospital let us skip ahead in the long wait to enter the hospital. She knew Trenton had a problem and she knew Nana and Mommy need some help ASAP!
Dr. Paruthi is adding a new medication in the evening time to help Trenton sleep better. She is almost at the point that she doesn't know what to do with Trenton anymore. The medications that Trenton are on usually make people sleep 100% of the time. She basically told me that when you are dealing with a disorder such as autism where the brain is not formed right, it is very difficult to help the problem.
For now, we will see how the new medication works.


Trenton attacked my house and himself with a marker. It's almost daily that he marks on my walls with either a marker, crayon, pen, pencil, or chalk. The pictures are only a few of the spots. He does it all in a matter of seconds.....seriously! I can't even take a bathroom break or just sit down on the couch for even a few seconds. He has to be supervised every minute. If it is not my walls being marked on then he is standing in my kitchen sink, on the counter tops in the kitchen or bathroom, standing on top of computer stand, or standing in the window seal pounding on the window with a lot of strength. Children with autism need to be in a structured therapy session every minute of their life!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Andrew's Issues

It's time to come to surface about our concerns with Andrew. Andrew, our child who we thought was going to be 100% neuro-typical, is taking a turn in the other direction. For some time, we have had some concerns. My parents who help us ALL THE TIME, have also been living this nightmare of concern about Andrew too. Do I know for sure that something is wrong with Andrew? No. But a mom knows when something is "off" with their child.

I remember very clearly posting on this blog around  6 months ago how wonderful it was to come home and to have Andrew greet me and say "Mommy" when I walked in the door. Trenton never does, that is a part of autism. The majority of children with autism are unable to show love and awareness of loved ones. Right now as I type this I am trying to recall the last time I was greeted by Andrew. I simply can not remember the last time Andrew greeted me when I came home. I can be gone all day at therapy with Trenton and when I come home, Andrew will not even acknowledge my presence. I get NOTHING!
The same goes for Tim. The last three weeks when Tim has came home after not seeing Andrew all week, Andrew showed no emotion. He barely looked up at Tim.  There was no excitement, nothing. It was as if a stranger walked in the door. At one point in his life, he greeted us and we loved it and embraced it because we never received anything like that from Trenton. Now, we have two children who could care less when they see us.

Another concern about Andrew is his fixation and obsession on Cars. I am talking about the movie, Cars. Everything revolves around Cars. On some days the only word I hear out of his mouth is "Cars" and I hear it numerous upon numerous times a day. If we would let him, he would sit in front of the TV and watch Cars and Cars 2 all day long. He has to eat out of his Cars plate and bowl for every meal. I have recently took away all of his Cars pajamas. He will have a meltdown that is just as bad as Trenton when taking his Cars clothes off of him. Nana witnessed this one time and Andrew's meltdown went on for 50 minutes. Andrew goes in a rage, his pupils get big, lays on the ground kicking, screaming Cars,  gets up hits toys and is in a panic stricken way.

Andrew use to worship the ground his Pops walked on. Every time he was at Nana and Pop's house he would run and greet Pops with a huge hug and say, "Pops" over and over. Now, Andrew walks in to Nana and Pop's house saying, "cars". He ignores his Nana and Pops and walks around saying, "cars" repeatedly.

Andrew's sleep pattern is becoming a big problem. I use to be able to lay him down in bed at night and be fairly confident that he would sleep til morning. Now, there is no guarantee if he will sleep. When Andrew wakes up in the night, it is not unusual for him to sit up in bed, crying, screaming, "cars". If he realizes that his Cars pj's are not on him, he goes nuts in bed kicking, screaming, trying to take off his pj's while yelling "cars".  When Andrew wakes up in the morning, I am not greeted with a smile and hug while saying "Mommy" like I use too. Instead, he wakes up saying, "cars" and scurries into the living room wanting to watch Cars.
If I am not up with Trenton in the night, I am up with Andrew. While Tim is gone on training, Nana stays with me every night to help out. There have been two nights that she didn't stay and both nights I NEVER made it to bed that night. If I was not up with Trenton, I was up with Andrew.

If Andrew is not being fixated all day with Cars, he is fixated with stickers. He would sit and peel stickers off and put his stickers on the same spot over and over. Once again, this is repetitive behavior that seems to please Andrew.

Andrew's speech is behind but he can say words. I would say his speech is better now than it was a few months ago. Andrew does a lot of repeat speech and learned speech. For example, if I am leaving for the day to take Trenton to therapy I always say, "Bye Andrew." I never hear, "Bye Mommy." Instead I hear, "Bye Andrew." Don't get me wrong, sometimes he will just say "bye" but most of the time he repeats back what you just said.
When it is TV time, Tim and I would say "What do you want to watch? Elmo, Barney, or Cars?" Now, we do not have to ask this question because Andrew will ask himself. This is an example of repeated speech. Andrew can tell when it is TV time and he immediately says, "What do you want to watch? Elmo, Barney, Thomas, or Cars? Cars." He ask the question himself and answers it.  It is not unusual for him to walk around the house asking himself that same question and answering it throughout the day.

Andrew knew his ABC's, count to ten, know his colors, shapes, and many other items by 18 months of age. At 18 months of age he walked around the house counting and saying ABC's before he would even say "mommy or daddy". This is the exact same behavior as Trenton.
If Andrew has seen a Sesame Street show once or Baby Einstein video once, it is not unusual for him to yell out what will happen next on the show before he sees it. For example, he will say, "lion" a few seconds before a lion is shown on TV. Once again, Trenton did this.

Andrew is very relaxed in the comfort of his own home. Sometimes it is hard to tell there is a problem when he is at home or at Nana's house. However, once you get him out of his comfort zone, he gets sucked into his own world. He rarely stops to look around him and observe his environment. Instead, he gets fixated on an object and could care less about his surroundings.  This has came full circle to me at church. I will watch other kids his age and they are smiling at people, engaging with others during play, etc. Andrew does not do this. He is zoned in on his object and that is all that matters to him.

Yes, Andrew is very different from Trenton. Nonetheless, each and every child on the spectrum is different. Could a lot of this be learned behavior? Sure! I hope and pray that it is. When a family's oldest child has autism, it is very difficult for the younger children even if the younger children are neuro-typical. There is almost no chance for the other children to be 100% normal.  I have read a book one time where the oldest son had autism that is very similar to Trenton and their other son had very severe OCD and ADD. It was so severe that he had autistic like characteristics. Maybe that is Andrew? Maybe Andrew just has a severe case of OCD and ADD instead of being on the spectrum. 

Be all that as it may, when do you stop saying it is learned behavior and start accepting the fact that something is "off" with your other child? That is a hard question to answer. I go back and forth. If it is learned behavior then why didn't he do all of this at 18 months of age? He loved and admired Trenton then just as much as the does now. Did he learn to stop greeting his parents and loved ones? Did he learn to stop playing with his trucks and trains and just run around the house and pace the house like Trenton? He didn't learn his fixated obsession trait. Trenton does not have that trait of autism.
I could ask myself a thousand questions over and over. Despite all of that, time will tell. We just simply have to wait and see what happens with Andrew this coming year. Many children display the same characteristics as Andrew does and they eventually out grow it. I can only hope and pray that will happen to Andrew.

There is so much more I could say on this but it is late and Trenton and I are headed to Saint Louis to the doctor tomorrow. When I have time, I will continue this post on my concerns about Andrew.

I will leave you with a few pictures of concerns. These lines are Andrew's lines.
 He just wanted to line up his sippy's and sit in front of them and stare at them.
 I was trying to play with Play Doh with him. He wanted nothing to do with it. He just wanted to take a ball of Play Doh and line it up.

He is lining up his books.

 Example of our sticker obsession.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good Moments Keep On Happening!!!

Trenton continues to say a few words each day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I picked him up from school I was so happy with what I heard from Ms. Jenny I about did cartwheels on our way out the school. Might I add first, when he first saw me today at his school, he smiled at me!!! It is a very rare occasion where he shows emotion like that. I loved it!!!
 Anyway, in Trenton's classroom, they changed the central location of his picture exchange schedule. From what I am gathering, this has been a wise choice!
 Today when he walked into his classroom, he signed in at the table (I'm assuming this is dropping off his folder), said "circle", went to his schedule on the wall put "sign in" picture in the all done spot, got circle picture and put it on his spot and got a book all INDEPENDENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Again, I am assuming his class does some sort of circle time first thing in the morning! I seriously could not have been happier knowing Trenton did this today!! I am SO proud of him! It's absolutely amazing what can make an autism mom or a special needs mom for that matter happy! We truly celebrate the smallest of accomplishments.

While at school today he said the letter "P", "please" and signed it, "all right" and "triangle"!  WOW!!!!You are the man Trenton!!!!!! I got him to repeat "mom" on a few occasions today as well. One time he grinned at me before he said it. It was like he was thinking, "Oh come on mom! Again??? I already said it."

Trenton continues to play with a high school senior after she gets out of school on Tuesdays. Trenton responds very well to her. I am very impressed by her and she has done a phenomenal job listening to me and doing what I ask of her.  Trenton usually plays with her for one hour. Today while they were playing, he named all of his animals for her and made the animal sound after he said their name!

This past Sunday he came up to me and said  "help" and later went up to Uncle Brian and said, "help me".
Keep up the great work Bubba!!!!! All of our hard work is paying off!!!!

As you can tell, we are having some great moments the past few days with Trenton. I pray this all continues from here on out! It has to some time, right???? I pray it continues and that he doesn't slip back into not saying anything at all. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

The other day he had a ball playing in front of the stove again.

He had a death grip on his elephant and zebra tonight when he fell asleep. He is in bed with Andrew's pajama's on. For some reason when he saw this particular pair of pj's he wanted his pj's off and Andrew's on. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

I Believe There Are Angels Among Us

I had another emotional moment today. After I dropped Trenton off of school, I was headed home to have some time with Andrew. On my drive home I always talk to the man upstairs for a few minutes. When I was done with my conversation with him, I turned on the radio. Low and behold the song that was just beginning to play was "I Believe There Are Angels Among Us." The song's lyrics came in and took over my emotions and left me breathless and crying. At the end of the song as I was pulling into my driveway, I could not help but smile up at the heavens. Oh yes of course I get bitter from time to time on how my life and how my family's life has turned out.  However, I can't help from time to time  to pause and smile up at the heavens and feel honored that God trusted me with one of his Angels! One of his Angels in Disguise!

I was walking home from school on a cold winter day
Took a shortcut through the woods and I lost my way
It was getting late and I was scared and alone
But then a kind old man took my hand and led me home
Mama couldn't see him but he was standing there
And I knew in my heart, he was the answer to my prayers

Oh, I believe there are angels among us
Sent down to us from somewhere up above
They come to you and me in our darkest hours
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give
To guide us with the light of love

When life held troubled times and had me down on my knees
There's always been someone there to come along and comfort me
A kind word from a stranger, to lend a helping hand
A phone call from a friend, just to say I understand

And ain't it kind of funny that at the dark end of the road
Someone lights the way with just a single ray of hope

Oh, I believe there are angels among us
Sent down to us from somewhere up above
They come to you and me in our darkest hours
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give
To guide us with the light of love

They wear so many faces, show up in the strangest places
To grace us with their mercy, in our time of need

Oh, I believe there are angels among us
Sent down to us from somewhere up above
They come to you and me in our darkest hours
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give
To guide us with the light of love

To guide us with the light of love

I truly believe that Trenton is an Angel in Disguise. Many many people face trials and tribulations in this life. Some turn against God and some people's faith grows stronger. I just don't understand how anyone can be mad at God. He NEVER promised us a peachy keen life. Even if we are faithful followers of God, he never promised that. We live the Christian life and follow his word for our soul. Not for the reason of thinking that God will make our life perfect here on Earth. 
Yes, I get mad, frustrated, sad, jealous, cry a lot, pout, and do lots of wishful thinking. Hence, in the end, I am taking care of an Angel in Disguise!!!! 

Mommy and her boys

Mommy and her two precious gifts from God before church on Sunday.
Andrew would not put down his saxophone for the picture. However, its about as good as a picture as we ever get with the boys.
Sunday was the first day I felt like a human being again. However, energy and strength are still way down.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Emotional Moment

Sometimes in life its as if you wake up each day and go through the same motions without even thinking about it. Then just out of the blue something hits you like a ton of bricks and you are left over come by emotion.  The emotions overtake your body and you can't control it. It doesn't matter if you have to step out of your vehicle and face the public in the next ten minutes because what you are feeling is REAL and it HURTS!

I took Trenton to school on Thursday morning because I had my recheck at the doctor's office. Yes, I still didn't feel good so maybe I was more emotional than normal but I don't think so. While on my drive I looked in my rear view mirror at Trenton's precious face. In that moment, something just came in and flooded my body with emotions. He looked so PRECIOUS looking out the car window with his big, brown eyes on his pale face that was flushed with rosy cheeks. He had his  winter coat zipped up to his chin and his Illinois Illini sock cap on while holding one of his favorite blankets made by Grandma Great. The next thing I know my mind is going 100 mph. I just keeping saying over and over in my head, "That is my son!! He is so beautiful. HE SHOULD NOT HAVE AUTISM!!!!!!!!! He is only three years old and he spends every day in school and therapy because  he is severely disabled. My son!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

 Then I just started thinking about how its been almost two years of therapies now and our life revolves around therapy. I start asking myself,  "Is this really my son's life? Is this my life???"
"Yes Angie it is. Wow! This is our life. I am so sorry Trenton. I AM SO SORRY!" I say repeatedly over and over in my head and then I tell Trenton over and over how sorry Mommy is that he has autism. I am crying while I pull up at his school. I get him out of the car, kiss his beautiful face and told him I would trade places with him if God would let me.

I will never forget that morning for as long as I live! I have had several moments like that one I just don't always share them. However, its important to share those moments from time to time. It's just a part of educating what special needs mommy's go through on some days.

Exodus 15:2

The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father's God, and I will exalt him.

Colossians 3:15

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beautfiul Voice!!!!

The past two days I have been able to hear that beautiful voice that is inside Trenton!  From my understanding, he said a few words at school and therapy on Friday. (Nana took Trenton to therapy. I needed to stay home again and try to regain some strength.) At school he said, "cereal", "no", "hot dog", and "eat" and did the sign language for eat as well!!! At home on Friday night he came up to me and said "help" and later in the evening said "daddy"! I just love it when he has a day where his brain let's him say a few words!!!!!!!!  The last two days he has been watching alot of sign language videos. One of the sign language videos we have been watching has the signs for "mommy, daddy, baby, juice, eat," and some other common words. When we were watching it last night he tried to say "mommy, daddy, juice, and eat". Videos such as the one we watched last night have done some amazing things for Trenton. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't always repeat the words. It is when he is having a "clear" day and his brain let's him.

Today, it sounded like he said "food" when I showed him his supper plate. Also, Trenton had a great moment earlier today! Unfortunately he fell and hit his head. However,  Mommy ran over to him and kissed his "owee" and hugged him. In the middle of my hug, he pulled his head back and gave me a great big kiss on my lips!! It was sooooooo amazing!!!!!! I wish I could relive that moment again!

Trenton has had a very good day!! It is helping that he is finally getting back in his routine of school and therapy!!!! Mommy can't wait to start taking him to school and therapy again next week!!!! Being sick and not able to care for your children is awful!

Unfortunately, Trenton had another bad night of sleep last night. Trenton's amount of sleep this whole week adds up to what someone should get in two nights.  Nonetheless, the lack of sleep caught up with him today. He took a small nap today! This is a rare event when it happens.

Andrew, on the other hand, tried really hard to not nap today. At 3:30 I found him like this....
 A few minutes later, he was like this.....
I know he has pajamas on at 3:30 in the afternoon. This is one of Andrew's issues that when I have time I will discuss in a post at a later time.

Trenton loved drawing on a balloon today. He loved it so much, he wanted his monkey to help him draw on the balloon!

Wish I could talk more but Trenton and Andrew are asleep so that means Mommy needs to go ASAP!!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pneumonia Update

I am beyond ready to start feeling better! I went to the doctor today for my re-check. The pneumonia is still there in my lungs and that does not surprise me. She doubled the length of time for my medication. Hopefully, in another week when I have taken all of my medicine I will finally start feeling like myself again. Don't get me wrong, I am better than I was on Monday of this week but I still feel pretty awful. I have officially pulled every muscle in my back and chest from coughing so much. Plus, I have found out why it is crucial for open heart patients to hug a teddy bear when they cough!

At the Clay Medical Clinic today I heard three times from three different people how much better I looked today than Monday. When the doctor came in, she took one look at me and said, "You still feel awful don't you?  However, you are not on your death bed like you were on Monday."
I smiled and said, "Anything is better than what I was feeling on Monday!"
Anyone who has had pneumonia will agree that it is some nasty stuff and it takes a long time to recover. It is always hard being a mom and being so sick that you are unable to care for your own children. What makes it especially hard is when one of you children is severely disabled! We are surviving thanks to some of our wonderful family members, church family, and friends!

Enough about Mommy, let's talk about the boys! Super Nana has went above and beyond again this week! She has taken Trenton to school for me. Nana along with her sidekick, Grandma Great, has taken Trenton to some of his therapies this week.  The past three days in ABA, Trenton has not been able to control his anxiety and sensory problems in order to have a good session. His therapist described him as being "all over the place and distracted by everything while hitting himself in the head." This has been a big issue the past two weeks. When Trenton's anxiety and sensory problems get the best of him, he takes his fist or hand and hits himself repeatedly in the head.

At the end of one of his sessions, Heather was telling him bye like she normally does. From my understanding it was taking Trenton a while to say bye back. After he finally said bye, he immediately did the sign language for "mom". Heather got very excited and said, "Yes, Trenton, you are going home to see Mom now!" As you can imagine, this made my day when I heard about that!!

Trenton decided to give Mommy a break on Wednesday and Thursday nights, meaning he slept!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a while since he has had four nights in a row of not being able to sleep. Monday night was so bad I called him off of school Tuesday morning. How in the world can you wake a child who suffers severely in the ability to sleep for school when they finally were able to go to sleep at 5:30 AM?????? I was not waking him! I felt as if I had been run over by a train myself going on NO sleep while suffering from pneumonia! Nana got no sleep that night either. She was either up helping with Trenton in the night or just unable to sleep. It is hard for anyone to sleep through the wild, autistic behaviors that happen in our house. Thank goodness, Andrew did sleep through it!

Sometimes I wish I had a video camera recording of Trenton and I in the night. A few things that Mommy has to do in the night is beyond absurd. For example, I had to stand in the middle of my living room floor while Trenton walked circles around me for one complete hour while  making his noises and shrieking. If Mommy tried to sit on the floor, it sent him into a frenzy! So what do you do??? You stand in the middle of the floor, cough your head off, dream about sleeping, and pray!!!

Andrew has been a good little boy for the most part this week! Pops has watched him a lot while Trenton was at therapy so Mommy can rest.  The other morning when he was home with me, he was such a good boy! I was resting in the living room and he walked into our toy room, put in Veggie Tales all by himself, curled up in the recliner and watched TV!
This is the only picture I took this week. Hopefully when I feel better, I will feel like taking some pictures.

Thanks everyone for all of your help and get well wishes this week! It meant a lot to me and I hope and pray I can fully recover from this soon!

Monday, January 20, 2014


Mommy went to the doctor today after I took a turn for the worst on Sunday night. By 6 AM Monday morning I had a fever and was back on my death bed. I was at the doctor by 7:45 AM and within minutes she said I had pneumonia. By the way I feel, a pneumonia diagnosis did not surprise me. I feel completely AWFUL! I am so thankful for Nana who is Super Nana once again this week!!
Hopefully, if I feel better I will post more later in the week!

Oh yes, I might add that while my health took a nose dive in the wrong direction on Sunday, Trenton also didn't sleep. He was up by 11:00PM Sunday night and ran circles in my house til 4:30 AM Monday. The whole time he was going strong I was concentrating on trying to breathe and not pass out. A lovely time for autism to take over full force in the sleeping category wasn't it? His sleeping has been awful the past four nights!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Still Feeling Lousy

I am still feeling completely lousy!! I have officially lost my voice a few days ago and it still has not come back. This has been the worst cold I have had in a very long time.
I have been doing a lot of thinking since I lost my voice. There are things that I simply can't do and one thing is make phone calls. I have somewhere I have been needing to call and discuss Trenton with but can't because I can't talk. With all that said, I have done a lot of thinking about how Trenton must feel not being able to talk. There has been some things I have wanted to say lately but can't. Just imagine what Trenton feels like? He wants to say stuff every day and can't!!!! I wish I could snap my fingers and everyone in this world would lose their voice for a few days. Maybe this way some more people would have some compassion for Trenton and others who suffer from autism.

Anyway, Andrew is  feeling much better these days.  Andrew went to the doctor on Friday for his butt situation. Come to find out, the rash that I thought was due to a diaper was not! He has a yeast infection! I feel so bad for him! The rash just looks completely raw! After I bought and tried everything that I could possibly try on him and still nothing worked on it, I knew I had to take him to the doctor. He is on two medicines to get rid of the yeast infection!

Trenton is doing well too! He had an AMAZING weekend!! He was so good and SOOOOO CALM!! I wish every day could be like  that but its not with autism. That is part of the battle. You just never know what kind of day it will be until it arrives.

For the longest time, Trenton was refusing to use his exercise ball (a ball that I bounce him on). However, just like everything else that comes and goes, he is letting me use it on him again! I am very excited about this! The exercise ball is back into our daily sensory diet!  Exercise and certain types of stimulation, such as with an exercise ball, may help improve attention, stimulate thinking and promote calm! We bounced everyday on that ball for numerous minutes since Wednesday! I think it did have a role in his "good" weekend!

We will see what this week brings us!

Here is a picture that Trenton colored in ABA the other day. Heather told him to color the eyes and he did. Next she told him to color his ears and he did. She told Trenton to color his nose and he did! He even followed her command to color the phone!! WAY TO GO TRENTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trenton enjoyed painting again on Saturday and Andrew did fantastic coloring!
 Here are Andrew's pictures he colored.

 The boys enjoyed blanket rides this weekend!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lousy Week

We continued to feel lousy all week! After the flu left me, what remained was a terrible congested cold and cough. I still continue to not feel so great which is why I have not updated the blog like I normally do. Trenton felt lousy Tuesday and Wednesday but he seems much better now!
I took a turn for the worse on Wednesday. Nana missed church to help me with boys. When she walked into my house I am in tears. Nana asked, "Whats wrong?" I replied, " I just want him to understand that I don't feel good!!! I want to curl up on the couch and watch Sesame Street with my boys but he is so hyper and can't quit moving all over the house."

This week I have shed more tears than normal. I wanted to be able to tell Trenton that Mommy doesn't feel good so let's cuddle on the couch and just relax this afternoon. Instead, it was the normal pulling him out of my fridge 50 plus times( he opens the door and climbs up my fridge all the time), cleaning up a huge food mess in his bedroom (He likes to open the fridge and grab anything such as ketchup, jelly, mustard, mayo, etc and squirt it all over the place), another food mess in the kitchen, fighting him to get down from the window seal 50 plus times, grabbing him from hanging on my curtains 50 plus times, getting him down off my computer stand 100 plus times, getting him down from my kitchen counters a few times (he has tremendous upper body strength and climbs on top of my counters before you know it), etc.

Anyone who has EVER said that ADHD is not a serious condition has NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come live with me for one day and we will see what you have to say then!!!!!!!!!!! To put autism on top of it where their brain is damaged and they can't listen and understand makes a horrendous combination. It's hard to manage when you feel 100% .  It is unmanageable when you feel like death warmed over all week.

I completely understand how some people can read the above paragraph and think that all she needs to do is discipline more or spank his butt. I just have one thing to say to you...............That does not work with autism! TRUST ME!!! If you know someone who supposedly has autism and learned that way then THEY DON"T HAVE AUTISM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!! Your loved one fell in the category of misdiagnosed or the extremely high functioning category! Everyone is so quick to judge and judge the parents.  What most don't know is that autism the number one worst disability your child can be diagnosed with. I 100% COMPLETELY BELIEVE IT!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Updates on boys!

Trenton's sensory issues change day to day. Sometimes, it changes week to week or month to month. Remind you that Trenton has modulation with his sensory issues. The past two weeks he has been very sensitive to light. We continue to live in the dark. If I turn on a light, he goes into a frenzy. Today in ABA, he would not participate until Heather kept the light off. It pains him to be around a lot of light. I just simply can't imagine living like that.

Trenton had another successful communication with his iPad today. He wanted cinnamon rolls and hit the button for cinnamon rolls. However, he does not understand that cinnamon rolls have to bake. He cried and was in a meltdown until the cinnamon rolls were done baking.

A few nights ago I walked into Trenton's room and found him like this.....

 He took a nap today. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!! But he is getting a cold which explains why he took a nap.

Andrew on the other hand, is finally getting over his ear infection. He has not pulled on his ear and said "owee" for several days now! He still is having some major issues down below. I got some new medicine today so I hope it gets better soon. I just pray he doesn't get this flu!
Andrew is very slow progressing in his speech these days. However,when he does talk it is very cute. For example, when he wants his blanket he says "gankey". When he wants to eat yogurt, he says "gogurt". When he wants Sprite, he says "trite".
Andrew does not take a nap every day now. I will say he goes at least two days a week without a nap.


Mommy and Daddy were struck by that horrendous flu. Tim came home from training Friday night with a bad cold. By midday on Saturday he was in bed and pretty much stayed there for the next 24 hours. Around 10 PM on Sunday night, it was my turn with the flu. I texted Nana at 6:15 AM telling her I needed her help for the day. I battled the stomach flu three times last winter and took care of the boys. Yes, I may have had my head in a toilet throwing up with Trenton running wild in the back ground at 2 AM but I battled through it. This flu on the other hand was impossible to battle through. Nana became Super Nana for the day. She took Trenton to school and therapy in Olney. Refresh your memory here, it is not an easy task to transition Trenton to and from therapy and to and from the car. Obviously, I cancelled our ABA in our home. Trenton had a rough day getting back in his routine. He had a rough start at school and cried all the way to Olney. Children and adults with autism can not take breaks from their routine remind you. Once their routine starts again it is difficult for them.
When Nana got back from therapy she picked up Andrew from me and she managed the boys for the afternoon while I tried to sleep.  When Nana brought the homes to me that evening she said, "I don't know how you do this everyday." I replied looking like death warmed over, "I knew I couldn't today which is why I needed you."
Super Nana stayed the rest of the evening and night giving the boys their baths, etc. Super Nana is staying the night again tonight to help out. What would we do without our Nana??!!!???
Thankfully, Trenton slept through the night last night so I could get some sleep. I was feeling much better today! However, Trenton has a bad cold right now. Let's hope it just stays a cold and not the flu.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

This & That Updates

Trenton did fantastic in therapy on Friday. YAY!!!!! I can't wait for next week when we have school and therapy!!!!!!
Trenton's sleep is nothing to brag about this week. It has taken a turn for the worse. Plus, he can't settle his body down for bed this week either. For example, we are going on 4 hours of trying to fall asleep as I type this. He is behind me walking around, making noises with huge bags under his eyes because he is tired of laying down and trying to fall asleep.
Andrew is up and down with his health. Seriously, if it is not one thing it is another. I am about to go bonkers!! As of yesterday, he started having diarrhea again. AGAIN!!! He has this all the time. There is something in his stool that makes him have the worst diaper rash in his bottom area. We deal and fight with this once a month. I am about ready to take him somewhere and have him seriously tested for some things because no baby/toddler should have diarrhea with the worst diaper rash every month. It is as if there is something in his stool that eats away at his skin once it touches it.  Yes, Trenton has major poop issues but that is one thing that comes along with autism.

I have got to get back on fighting Trenton to bed, so I will leave you with a few pictures for tonight.

Andrew loves to wear Mommy's boots around the house.
 These guys have went EVERYWHERE with Trenton the past 48 hours.
 I just love finding stuff like this in my house.....
 This is what happens when he has a marker in one hand and Mommy turns her back for a second.

Autism Pin

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thank you!

I just want to thank you all for your continued support!! Some of you I know, some of you I don't know. Thank you for everything!
We received a very nice gift in the mail last week from an anonymous source...Thank you!!

He Needs His Normal Routine Back!

We had our first therapy session all week today. It was not good. Heather came out of the session with huge eyes and said, "He needs his normal routine back!" I looked at her and said, "You don't have to tell me!" It has been three weeks now of not following his schedule and we all are about to go crazy! During his ABA session with Heather he was not participating and not following through with his task. He almost always does these during his therapy sessions.
I almost feel like we have regressed the past three weeks. I hope next week when we are back in our routine, that he picks right back up with everything!

I have tried my best to complete "Mommy Therapy" these past few weeks. (Notice his 4 little people who watched him do therapy.)
 Andrew always receives "Mommy Therapy" too.

It is always crazy at bath time. Either Trenton is screaming and crying not wanting his bath or Andrew is crying not wanting his bath. Sometimes, both boys love their bath and I can't get them out of it. Sometimes they bathe together, sometimes they don't. Tonight, Trenton did not want his bath. Therefore, I gave Andrew his bath first. After Andrew was in his pajamas ready for bed, I poured Trenton's bath water. I went to get Trenton for his bath, which he was absolutely refusing tonight. While I am fighting Trenton to get in the bathroom, look who thought they would get back into the bath tub...

When Trenton finally decided he was tired, he laid on the couch with his elephant and duck stuffed animals and fell asleep.
 Look who fell asleep tonight in the swing!

James 1:17

17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Am His Voice, He Is My Heart

Bad Meltdown but Great Communication

Day three of no school and no therapy and we survived, barely! The day ended with a huge meltdown from Trenton. However, during the meltdown he had a form of communication with me! In the beginning of his meltdown he is going to the door crying and bringing my shoes to me. This tells me that he wants to go somewhere. I try to inform him that its cold outside and the roads have ice on them. When he realizes I am not taking him anywhere he starts running full force into a wall and the same to our couch. This continues for ten minutes. In order to stop this behavior, I bring him his iPad. I show him his communication app and he hits the  button for my car. The page looks like this...
 I say "No. Cold outside. Ice on roads." Does he understand? I have no idea.
He continues to keep crying and kicking.  I ran outside to look in my car to make sure we didn't leave a toy in there that he wants.  No toy in my car.
I go inside and show him his iPad again. This time he hits the "go" button on his iPad. That page looks like this..
Instantly, I am thinking "WOW!!!!!! " I wanted to jump up and down cheering in the middle of his meltdown because he has NEVER used this button with me. I wanted so badly to reward him and take him on a car ride but it is obviously cold outside with ice packed country roads. Therefore, I could not reward him. I praised him over and over for communicating with me while I inform him that we can't. Eventually, I put him in his room. He laid in his bed and cried until he fell asleep.

No school again tomorrow but I am taking him to therapy. We still had no water all day today. However, in the middle of making this post, our water came on!!! Thank Goodness!!! Three days with frozen pipes was enough for me!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day Two of Snow Days

Another day at home with no school and therapy and I am going nuts!!! Trenton was awake by 3:30 AM going 100mph and making non-stop high pitch shrills out of his mouth for three solid hours. By 6:30 AM every nerve in body was shot!! As the day went on, he got much better.  It is looking like tomorrow is day three of no school and therapy. What in the world am I going to do??? Plus, we still have no water. I am pulling my hair out right now.....

On day two of the snow storm, Andrew started running fever again. He just ended his pneumonia medicine and started fever again. This should not have happened. We went to the doctor today ( Thanks Uncle Brian for getting up early and taking us to the doctor.) Andrew still has an ear infection. Andrew is on another round of medicine. Hopefully, this will do the trick this time!! I also want to add that Andrew has been completely broke of his "per" for over one week!! He loved his per too! He really missed it at first. Now, he hasn't even mentioned the name for a few days!

I hope and pray we have a calm day tomorrow with no autistic meltdowns!

Monday, January 6, 2014


We were suppose to get back to our normal routine today. However, Mother Nature had a different plan for us. A  huge snow storm came through on Sunday leaving us with blizzard conditions, a wind chill of 29 below 0. Needless to say, there was no school and no therapy today. We have no school again tomorrow and more than likely no therapy. UGH!!!!
I do have to admit in all of my 32 years I have never seen a winter night like we had last night. I have never seen snow blow like I did last night. I have definitely never been in 29 below 0 temperatures before until today. Wow! I don't see how anyone can live long in that temperature. The only reason why I was out in it was because of this....
The boys and I spent the night at Nana's house last night in case we lost electricity. Uncle Brian was there too. Pop was not there, he has been on the roads for the last two days. Seriously! He never came home last night ( He is road commissioner) My father is doing a lot of work for the Harter Township, I hope people realize that and appreciate his hard work.
Anyway, we had to dig my car out because by noon today, Trenton was having a meltdown and wanted to go home. Uncle Brian, Nana, and myself took turns digging and we got my car out. (Daddy not around because he is gone for the next 6 weeks with work.)

It's poor quality but here is Trenton sleeping in Nana's toy room.
 Trenton faced his animal friends toward the TV so they could watch...So cute!
When we made it home after his meltdown, he lined his animals up and danced in front of them.

Too cute not to post......

The night before the storm, Trenton didn't sleep. He finally fell back to sleep around 5:30 AM on the floor like this....