Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bad Meltdown but Great Communication

Day three of no school and no therapy and we survived, barely! The day ended with a huge meltdown from Trenton. However, during the meltdown he had a form of communication with me! In the beginning of his meltdown he is going to the door crying and bringing my shoes to me. This tells me that he wants to go somewhere. I try to inform him that its cold outside and the roads have ice on them. When he realizes I am not taking him anywhere he starts running full force into a wall and the same to our couch. This continues for ten minutes. In order to stop this behavior, I bring him his iPad. I show him his communication app and he hits the  button for my car. The page looks like this...
 I say "No. Cold outside. Ice on roads." Does he understand? I have no idea.
He continues to keep crying and kicking.  I ran outside to look in my car to make sure we didn't leave a toy in there that he wants.  No toy in my car.
I go inside and show him his iPad again. This time he hits the "go" button on his iPad. That page looks like this..
Instantly, I am thinking "WOW!!!!!! " I wanted to jump up and down cheering in the middle of his meltdown because he has NEVER used this button with me. I wanted so badly to reward him and take him on a car ride but it is obviously cold outside with ice packed country roads. Therefore, I could not reward him. I praised him over and over for communicating with me while I inform him that we can't. Eventually, I put him in his room. He laid in his bed and cried until he fell asleep.

No school again tomorrow but I am taking him to therapy. We still had no water all day today. However, in the middle of making this post, our water came on!!! Thank Goodness!!! Three days with frozen pipes was enough for me!!

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  1. Yay Trenton!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing!!!!!!