Saturday, January 25, 2014

Beautfiul Voice!!!!

The past two days I have been able to hear that beautiful voice that is inside Trenton!  From my understanding, he said a few words at school and therapy on Friday. (Nana took Trenton to therapy. I needed to stay home again and try to regain some strength.) At school he said, "cereal", "no", "hot dog", and "eat" and did the sign language for eat as well!!! At home on Friday night he came up to me and said "help" and later in the evening said "daddy"! I just love it when he has a day where his brain let's him say a few words!!!!!!!!  The last two days he has been watching alot of sign language videos. One of the sign language videos we have been watching has the signs for "mommy, daddy, baby, juice, eat," and some other common words. When we were watching it last night he tried to say "mommy, daddy, juice, and eat". Videos such as the one we watched last night have done some amazing things for Trenton. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't always repeat the words. It is when he is having a "clear" day and his brain let's him.

Today, it sounded like he said "food" when I showed him his supper plate. Also, Trenton had a great moment earlier today! Unfortunately he fell and hit his head. However,  Mommy ran over to him and kissed his "owee" and hugged him. In the middle of my hug, he pulled his head back and gave me a great big kiss on my lips!! It was sooooooo amazing!!!!!! I wish I could relive that moment again!

Trenton has had a very good day!! It is helping that he is finally getting back in his routine of school and therapy!!!! Mommy can't wait to start taking him to school and therapy again next week!!!! Being sick and not able to care for your children is awful!

Unfortunately, Trenton had another bad night of sleep last night. Trenton's amount of sleep this whole week adds up to what someone should get in two nights.  Nonetheless, the lack of sleep caught up with him today. He took a small nap today! This is a rare event when it happens.

Andrew, on the other hand, tried really hard to not nap today. At 3:30 I found him like this....
 A few minutes later, he was like this.....
I know he has pajamas on at 3:30 in the afternoon. This is one of Andrew's issues that when I have time I will discuss in a post at a later time.

Trenton loved drawing on a balloon today. He loved it so much, he wanted his monkey to help him draw on the balloon!

Wish I could talk more but Trenton and Andrew are asleep so that means Mommy needs to go ASAP!!!!

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