Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day Two of Snow Days

Another day at home with no school and therapy and I am going nuts!!! Trenton was awake by 3:30 AM going 100mph and making non-stop high pitch shrills out of his mouth for three solid hours. By 6:30 AM every nerve in body was shot!! As the day went on, he got much better.  It is looking like tomorrow is day three of no school and therapy. What in the world am I going to do??? Plus, we still have no water. I am pulling my hair out right now.....

On day two of the snow storm, Andrew started running fever again. He just ended his pneumonia medicine and started fever again. This should not have happened. We went to the doctor today ( Thanks Uncle Brian for getting up early and taking us to the doctor.) Andrew still has an ear infection. Andrew is on another round of medicine. Hopefully, this will do the trick this time!! I also want to add that Andrew has been completely broke of his "per" for over one week!! He loved his per too! He really missed it at first. Now, he hasn't even mentioned the name for a few days!

I hope and pray we have a calm day tomorrow with no autistic meltdowns!

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