Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Mommy and Daddy were struck by that horrendous flu. Tim came home from training Friday night with a bad cold. By midday on Saturday he was in bed and pretty much stayed there for the next 24 hours. Around 10 PM on Sunday night, it was my turn with the flu. I texted Nana at 6:15 AM telling her I needed her help for the day. I battled the stomach flu three times last winter and took care of the boys. Yes, I may have had my head in a toilet throwing up with Trenton running wild in the back ground at 2 AM but I battled through it. This flu on the other hand was impossible to battle through. Nana became Super Nana for the day. She took Trenton to school and therapy in Olney. Refresh your memory here, it is not an easy task to transition Trenton to and from therapy and to and from the car. Obviously, I cancelled our ABA in our home. Trenton had a rough day getting back in his routine. He had a rough start at school and cried all the way to Olney. Children and adults with autism can not take breaks from their routine remind you. Once their routine starts again it is difficult for them.
When Nana got back from therapy she picked up Andrew from me and she managed the boys for the afternoon while I tried to sleep.  When Nana brought the homes to me that evening she said, "I don't know how you do this everyday." I replied looking like death warmed over, "I knew I couldn't today which is why I needed you."
Super Nana stayed the rest of the evening and night giving the boys their baths, etc. Super Nana is staying the night again tonight to help out. What would we do without our Nana??!!!???
Thankfully, Trenton slept through the night last night so I could get some sleep. I was feeling much better today! However, Trenton has a bad cold right now. Let's hope it just stays a cold and not the flu.

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