Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good Moments Keep On Happening!!!

Trenton continues to say a few words each day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I picked him up from school I was so happy with what I heard from Ms. Jenny I about did cartwheels on our way out the school. Might I add first, when he first saw me today at his school, he smiled at me!!! It is a very rare occasion where he shows emotion like that. I loved it!!!
 Anyway, in Trenton's classroom, they changed the central location of his picture exchange schedule. From what I am gathering, this has been a wise choice!
 Today when he walked into his classroom, he signed in at the table (I'm assuming this is dropping off his folder), said "circle", went to his schedule on the wall put "sign in" picture in the all done spot, got circle picture and put it on his spot and got a book all INDEPENDENTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Again, I am assuming his class does some sort of circle time first thing in the morning! I seriously could not have been happier knowing Trenton did this today!! I am SO proud of him! It's absolutely amazing what can make an autism mom or a special needs mom for that matter happy! We truly celebrate the smallest of accomplishments.

While at school today he said the letter "P", "please" and signed it, "all right" and "triangle"!  WOW!!!!You are the man Trenton!!!!!! I got him to repeat "mom" on a few occasions today as well. One time he grinned at me before he said it. It was like he was thinking, "Oh come on mom! Again??? I already said it."

Trenton continues to play with a high school senior after she gets out of school on Tuesdays. Trenton responds very well to her. I am very impressed by her and she has done a phenomenal job listening to me and doing what I ask of her.  Trenton usually plays with her for one hour. Today while they were playing, he named all of his animals for her and made the animal sound after he said their name!

This past Sunday he came up to me and said  "help" and later went up to Uncle Brian and said, "help me".
Keep up the great work Bubba!!!!! All of our hard work is paying off!!!!

As you can tell, we are having some great moments the past few days with Trenton. I pray this all continues from here on out! It has to some time, right???? I pray it continues and that he doesn't slip back into not saying anything at all. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

The other day he had a ball playing in front of the stove again.

He had a death grip on his elephant and zebra tonight when he fell asleep. He is in bed with Andrew's pajama's on. For some reason when he saw this particular pair of pj's he wanted his pj's off and Andrew's on. 

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