Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pneumonia Update

I am beyond ready to start feeling better! I went to the doctor today for my re-check. The pneumonia is still there in my lungs and that does not surprise me. She doubled the length of time for my medication. Hopefully, in another week when I have taken all of my medicine I will finally start feeling like myself again. Don't get me wrong, I am better than I was on Monday of this week but I still feel pretty awful. I have officially pulled every muscle in my back and chest from coughing so much. Plus, I have found out why it is crucial for open heart patients to hug a teddy bear when they cough!

At the Clay Medical Clinic today I heard three times from three different people how much better I looked today than Monday. When the doctor came in, she took one look at me and said, "You still feel awful don't you?  However, you are not on your death bed like you were on Monday."
I smiled and said, "Anything is better than what I was feeling on Monday!"
Anyone who has had pneumonia will agree that it is some nasty stuff and it takes a long time to recover. It is always hard being a mom and being so sick that you are unable to care for your own children. What makes it especially hard is when one of you children is severely disabled! We are surviving thanks to some of our wonderful family members, church family, and friends!

Enough about Mommy, let's talk about the boys! Super Nana has went above and beyond again this week! She has taken Trenton to school for me. Nana along with her sidekick, Grandma Great, has taken Trenton to some of his therapies this week.  The past three days in ABA, Trenton has not been able to control his anxiety and sensory problems in order to have a good session. His therapist described him as being "all over the place and distracted by everything while hitting himself in the head." This has been a big issue the past two weeks. When Trenton's anxiety and sensory problems get the best of him, he takes his fist or hand and hits himself repeatedly in the head.

At the end of one of his sessions, Heather was telling him bye like she normally does. From my understanding it was taking Trenton a while to say bye back. After he finally said bye, he immediately did the sign language for "mom". Heather got very excited and said, "Yes, Trenton, you are going home to see Mom now!" As you can imagine, this made my day when I heard about that!!

Trenton decided to give Mommy a break on Wednesday and Thursday nights, meaning he slept!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been a while since he has had four nights in a row of not being able to sleep. Monday night was so bad I called him off of school Tuesday morning. How in the world can you wake a child who suffers severely in the ability to sleep for school when they finally were able to go to sleep at 5:30 AM?????? I was not waking him! I felt as if I had been run over by a train myself going on NO sleep while suffering from pneumonia! Nana got no sleep that night either. She was either up helping with Trenton in the night or just unable to sleep. It is hard for anyone to sleep through the wild, autistic behaviors that happen in our house. Thank goodness, Andrew did sleep through it!

Sometimes I wish I had a video camera recording of Trenton and I in the night. A few things that Mommy has to do in the night is beyond absurd. For example, I had to stand in the middle of my living room floor while Trenton walked circles around me for one complete hour while  making his noises and shrieking. If Mommy tried to sit on the floor, it sent him into a frenzy! So what do you do??? You stand in the middle of the floor, cough your head off, dream about sleeping, and pray!!!

Andrew has been a good little boy for the most part this week! Pops has watched him a lot while Trenton was at therapy so Mommy can rest.  The other morning when he was home with me, he was such a good boy! I was resting in the living room and he walked into our toy room, put in Veggie Tales all by himself, curled up in the recliner and watched TV!
This is the only picture I took this week. Hopefully when I feel better, I will feel like taking some pictures.

Thanks everyone for all of your help and get well wishes this week! It meant a lot to me and I hope and pray I can fully recover from this soon!

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  1. Still praying for you Angie! I hope with each passing day you feel better and better. This too shall pass...