Monday, January 20, 2014


Mommy went to the doctor today after I took a turn for the worst on Sunday night. By 6 AM Monday morning I had a fever and was back on my death bed. I was at the doctor by 7:45 AM and within minutes she said I had pneumonia. By the way I feel, a pneumonia diagnosis did not surprise me. I feel completely AWFUL! I am so thankful for Nana who is Super Nana once again this week!!
Hopefully, if I feel better I will post more later in the week!

Oh yes, I might add that while my health took a nose dive in the wrong direction on Sunday, Trenton also didn't sleep. He was up by 11:00PM Sunday night and ran circles in my house til 4:30 AM Monday. The whole time he was going strong I was concentrating on trying to breathe and not pass out. A lovely time for autism to take over full force in the sleeping category wasn't it? His sleeping has been awful the past four nights!

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