Friday, January 3, 2014

Sickness Update

Once, I thought we were finally getting better, I was wrong! First, Trenton took a nose dive in the wrong direction on New Years Day. However, I am happy to report he is back to normal. He is up running around, aggravating his brother, making the house a total disaster in a matter of 30 minutes from the time he wakes up,back to eating ( thank goodness on this one. Trenton has lost a lot of weight the past two weeks), and back to lining his toys up. Trenton is back to normal!!

Andrew is a different story. Andrew took a turn for the worse on New Years Day night. I held him for a good part of the whole night while he was crying and screaming. In between his cries, he would yell, "Hurt! OW-E!". As soon as the sun rose, I called the doctor. Andrew was at the doctor office first thing. We were sent straight to the hospital for chest x-rays because doctor immediately thinks Andrew has pneumonia.  (Getting a chest x-ray on a two year old who has some "issues" of his own was very interesting.)  Anyway, Andrew is at home now and being treated for pneumonia and a left ear infection. Yesterday afternoon I called the doctor because Andrew started spiking a temperature again. Doctor agreed this should not have  happened after a first dose of pneumonia medicine. Doctor ordered me to come in and get the breathing treatment machine to see if that would give him a boost. So far today, Andrew has no fever. No fever with pneumonia is a good thing. Hopefully, we caught it early enough to stay out of being admitted to the hospital. Andrew himself has been off and on again sick for 16 days now. I am hoping we are getting all of our sickness out of the way at once!

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