Friday, January 31, 2014

Sleep Specialist

Trenton had a check up with Dr. Paruthi, his sleep specialist on Thursday. The whole experience at the hospital this time left a lot to be desired. Trenton was unable to cope with the atmosphere on Thursday. He screamed, cried, resisted help, and was very difficult to transition. EVERYONE was looking at us. It was obvious to everyone that Trenton had a problem. Thankfully, a kind worker at the hospital let us skip ahead in the long wait to enter the hospital. She knew Trenton had a problem and she knew Nana and Mommy need some help ASAP!
Dr. Paruthi is adding a new medication in the evening time to help Trenton sleep better. She is almost at the point that she doesn't know what to do with Trenton anymore. The medications that Trenton are on usually make people sleep 100% of the time. She basically told me that when you are dealing with a disorder such as autism where the brain is not formed right, it is very difficult to help the problem.
For now, we will see how the new medication works.

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