Sunday, January 19, 2014

Still Feeling Lousy

I am still feeling completely lousy!! I have officially lost my voice a few days ago and it still has not come back. This has been the worst cold I have had in a very long time.
I have been doing a lot of thinking since I lost my voice. There are things that I simply can't do and one thing is make phone calls. I have somewhere I have been needing to call and discuss Trenton with but can't because I can't talk. With all that said, I have done a lot of thinking about how Trenton must feel not being able to talk. There has been some things I have wanted to say lately but can't. Just imagine what Trenton feels like? He wants to say stuff every day and can't!!!! I wish I could snap my fingers and everyone in this world would lose their voice for a few days. Maybe this way some more people would have some compassion for Trenton and others who suffer from autism.

Anyway, Andrew is  feeling much better these days.  Andrew went to the doctor on Friday for his butt situation. Come to find out, the rash that I thought was due to a diaper was not! He has a yeast infection! I feel so bad for him! The rash just looks completely raw! After I bought and tried everything that I could possibly try on him and still nothing worked on it, I knew I had to take him to the doctor. He is on two medicines to get rid of the yeast infection!

Trenton is doing well too! He had an AMAZING weekend!! He was so good and SOOOOO CALM!! I wish every day could be like  that but its not with autism. That is part of the battle. You just never know what kind of day it will be until it arrives.

For the longest time, Trenton was refusing to use his exercise ball (a ball that I bounce him on). However, just like everything else that comes and goes, he is letting me use it on him again! I am very excited about this! The exercise ball is back into our daily sensory diet!  Exercise and certain types of stimulation, such as with an exercise ball, may help improve attention, stimulate thinking and promote calm! We bounced everyday on that ball for numerous minutes since Wednesday! I think it did have a role in his "good" weekend!

We will see what this week brings us!

Here is a picture that Trenton colored in ABA the other day. Heather told him to color the eyes and he did. Next she told him to color his ears and he did. She told Trenton to color his nose and he did! He even followed her command to color the phone!! WAY TO GO TRENTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trenton enjoyed painting again on Saturday and Andrew did fantastic coloring!
 Here are Andrew's pictures he colored.

 The boys enjoyed blanket rides this weekend!

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