Monday, January 6, 2014


We were suppose to get back to our normal routine today. However, Mother Nature had a different plan for us. A  huge snow storm came through on Sunday leaving us with blizzard conditions, a wind chill of 29 below 0. Needless to say, there was no school and no therapy today. We have no school again tomorrow and more than likely no therapy. UGH!!!!
I do have to admit in all of my 32 years I have never seen a winter night like we had last night. I have never seen snow blow like I did last night. I have definitely never been in 29 below 0 temperatures before until today. Wow! I don't see how anyone can live long in that temperature. The only reason why I was out in it was because of this....
The boys and I spent the night at Nana's house last night in case we lost electricity. Uncle Brian was there too. Pop was not there, he has been on the roads for the last two days. Seriously! He never came home last night ( He is road commissioner) My father is doing a lot of work for the Harter Township, I hope people realize that and appreciate his hard work.
Anyway, we had to dig my car out because by noon today, Trenton was having a meltdown and wanted to go home. Uncle Brian, Nana, and myself took turns digging and we got my car out. (Daddy not around because he is gone for the next 6 weeks with work.)

It's poor quality but here is Trenton sleeping in Nana's toy room.
 Trenton faced his animal friends toward the TV so they could watch...So cute!
When we made it home after his meltdown, he lined his animals up and danced in front of them.

Too cute not to post......

The night before the storm, Trenton didn't sleep. He finally fell back to sleep around 5:30 AM on the floor like this....

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