Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Updates on boys!

Trenton's sensory issues change day to day. Sometimes, it changes week to week or month to month. Remind you that Trenton has modulation with his sensory issues. The past two weeks he has been very sensitive to light. We continue to live in the dark. If I turn on a light, he goes into a frenzy. Today in ABA, he would not participate until Heather kept the light off. It pains him to be around a lot of light. I just simply can't imagine living like that.

Trenton had another successful communication with his iPad today. He wanted cinnamon rolls and hit the button for cinnamon rolls. However, he does not understand that cinnamon rolls have to bake. He cried and was in a meltdown until the cinnamon rolls were done baking.

A few nights ago I walked into Trenton's room and found him like this.....

 He took a nap today. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!! But he is getting a cold which explains why he took a nap.

Andrew on the other hand, is finally getting over his ear infection. He has not pulled on his ear and said "owee" for several days now! He still is having some major issues down below. I got some new medicine today so I hope it gets better soon. I just pray he doesn't get this flu!
Andrew is very slow progressing in his speech these days. However,when he does talk it is very cute. For example, when he wants his blanket he says "gankey". When he wants to eat yogurt, he says "gogurt". When he wants Sprite, he says "trite".
Andrew does not take a nap every day now. I will say he goes at least two days a week without a nap.

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