Monday, February 10, 2014

Autism Proof

I am sure you have heard of baby proofing your house. In most cases this consist of putting special locks on your lower cabinets so your toddler can not reach food or house hold cleaning products. In our house we are in the works of "autism proofing". As he gets older, we will have to do more and more of autism proofing.
So far autism proofing in our house consist of special locks on our front door like this....

 He can open the front door and be gone in a matter of seconds, which is scary! Obviously, the lock is up high so he can not reach it. He does not understand if you say, "Trenton don't leave the house without Mom.". Autism does not work that way.

We have locks on some  interior doors that lead to our utility, bedroom, and bathroom. These locks look like this....
Trenton has an enormous about of strength for a 3 1/2 year old. In a matter of seconds he can open the utility door and be on top of my washer and dryer jumping off or trying to reach household cleaning products. He can climb on top of a counter in seconds. Seriously!!! One day last week I was changing Andrew's diaper. In the amount of time it took me to change Andrew's diaper, Trenton had the bathroom door open, turned on the water in the tub, and was in the tub jumping up and down with running water. On a different occasion, Trenton opened the bathroom door and was standing on top of the counter before I could reach him. Obviously, he can hurt himself very seriously. Therefore, we had to take action and secure our prison cell even more.

If I would not have read some of the books that I have, I would feel even more alone in this world. Several of the books that I have read about where families are raising a child with severe autism have written in their books about how their child destroyed their house and all the measures the families have had to do to make their house safe. Almost every book and blog that I read, the child with autism has a mattress in their room and that is it! Individuals with autism can not control their behavior and do not know what danger is. They can go crazy destroying things and hurting themselves.
For example, we had to take out our end tables in our house. Our end tables had a glass top. Unfortunately, Trenton learned how to remove the glass top. All he wanted to do was run in the house with a huge glass square or hit himself in the head with the glass, What do you do? Let your child get hurt or remove the end tables? Remove the end tables...who cares what your house looks like because autism already wrecks it. I have no control of what my house looks like and what I can have in my house furniture and decor wise. It all has to be 100% autism proof!
Lately, my windows are looking like this...
Whats missing? Curtains. Why? Well, it doesn't matter if I give Trenton 15 napkins when he eats or 1. He always runs to my curtains and wipes his face and hands on them. Gross.....right!!!!! I have washed my curtains more than some people do their underwear.
Another reason my windows are starting to go bare is because of this....

 He just wants to stand in the window seal, grab the curtains, and swing from them. He is breaking my curtain rods. How do you stop this? Well, if it is actually autism you are dealing with.....NOTHING WILL STOP IT!!! His brain was not developed correctly.

Many books have talked about how their child pees and poops on their carpet, they head bang and hit their walls so hard all the time there is holes in their walls, smear food all over their walls and carpet, smear their poop all over the walls,  jump in the same spot so much their carpet has a huge hole in it, jump so much on their couch that it is completely destroyed,  broke windows throwing toys, and destroyed mattresses by cutting them up. I have an awful feeling, we might deal with some of these on top of what we already are dealing with.

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