Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I had my first humiliating public appearance with Andrew on Monday.  I have always bragged about the fact that Andrew was my child I could take to the store and actually try to act like a normal mom. I found out first hand that if Andrew sees one of his fixated obsessions, the experience will go down hill rather quickly.  Andrew and I walked into Wal-mart on Monday after dropping Trenton off at school. I immediately spotted a big group of Cars balloons that was close to the doors once I entered the store. Once I saw them my heart skipped a beat and I was praying I could go faster than Lightening Mcqueen ever thought about and get around the balloons before he saw them. I was wrong. He spotted them and wanted one. I refused to give him one. However, after listening to him scream "CARS!!!" halfway through Wal-mart while kicking, hitting, and trying to get out of the cart. I gave in and let him have one.  After going back to the balloons and getting him one I thought I could grab my items in peace. I thought wrong. For every Car item we saw, he screamed and had what I call an autistic meltdown. If he does not have autism, then he sure can get the dilated pupils, panic stricken look on his face with  a heart beat that is out of this world. All the while, trying to catch his breath because he is in such a disturbed way. As my mom has said who has raised three normal children and baby sat many normal kids, "That is not a normal toddler tantrum and cry."
Eventually, I gave up on getting all of the items I wanted. He was making a scene and I had already sweated my makeup off and had sweat going down my back in the middle of winter. Just my luck, there was only one lane open to check out who had about ten cars balloons right next to the register. I thought about dodging the store and leaving my cart. However, it was clear everyone was looking at us. How many children have a meltdown in Wal-mart, screaming "cars" 200 times while holding on to the most gigantic balloon ever made! Instead, I stood in line and felt every stare that was glanced our way while he continued to scream. While we waited in line I had a very nice young man ask me if I needed help. He was looking at Andrew as if he had just seen a ghost. I really would have loved to know what was going through his head.
Anyway, I survived my first of many humiliating public appearance with Andrew. I thought I would only have these types of experiences with Trenton. Once again, I was wrong.

Later in the day, Andrew had another meltdown with  dilated pupils and uncontrollable screaming and crying. On a good note, he had a much better day today!

A picture of the gigantic balloon I had to buy.

Sleeping with Lincoln after his meltdown.

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