Thursday, February 13, 2014

He Loves Me!

There is no way I can put in words what it feels like to raise a special needs child, especially one with autism. Autism moms are desperate for some type of emotion from their child that shows them that the child they are raising does care about them. On most days we get kicked, punched, hit, and hear nothing but tears and screams throughout our days. Yesterday I had two different occasions that told me that Trenton does love me and cares about me.

The first occasion is one that happens almost every day now. When I drop him off of school with Ms. Jenny, he fusses a little and watches me walk out the door before he will turn and walk to his class with Ms. Jenny. This really struck me yesterday. I walked out of the school with tears in my eyes but they were happy tears. That little gesture of watching me leave while he fusses was pure joy to me.

The second occasion happened in his ABA session with Heather. After working with her for 20 minutes, Trenton starts doing the sign for "mom" while saying "mom". Heather kept on redirecting him to a new task but he did it straight for 35 minutes. With that said, she decided she needed to reward him for using his words and communicating. Therefore, he had a short session with Heather but I was ecstatic that he was saying "mom". This put the biggest smile on my face that I have had in a long time!!!!

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