Thursday, February 13, 2014

I have a typist!!!

I am reintroducing the Proloquo2go communication app to Trenton. We started off using the Go Talk app but I think he is ready for the Proloquo. The reason I want to start using the Proloquo app is because it has a keyboard. I read a book, Carly's Voice, and that little girl with autism was non-verbal but able to spell words to her parents. Anyway, I showed Trenton the keyboard and I spelled his name to show him what to do. Next, I gave it to him.
Mommy said, "Spell dog."
With a huge smile Trenton spelled dog immediately. I praised him over and over. Of course, I ran and grabbed the camera.
Next, I said, "Spell cat."
Again with a huge smile on his face, he spelled cat.

Mommy was very impressed and proud of him!!!!! Of course, this is all memorization. A large group of individuals with autism learn from their photographic memory and I have no doubt he has one. He may never be able to spell by phonics but if he sees a word  and hears it, you can betcha he will spell it!!
He has recognized his name for several months now and it was a year ago that he saw the words, "ice cream" and tried to say it. He only needs to see it once and he knows it!

I can't wait to show it to him tomorrow. I think I will ask him to spell fish and car.

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  1. That's Nana's boy!!!! Way to go, Trenton!!!! Nana is so proud of you!!! Maybe that is our answered prayers!!!!