Sunday, February 9, 2014

Love You & Potty!!!

Wow! I don't know what good news to share with you first! I guess I will start with my " Love You" moment.
On Saturday I was doing the sign language for " I Love You" to Trenton while I was saying it to him. I did this about five times. Then I said, " Trenton can you say I love you?"
I got no response.
Mommy said, "Trenton. Love..." I waited for a long time to see if he would say anything. Then right before I was going to say "you", Trenton said "you" while doing the sign language for Mom!!  I was ecstatic!!!
I immediately say, "Love."
Trenton says, while doing the sign language for mom, "you."
We did this three more times!!! As you can imagine, this made my heart melt!!! I told myself that was his way of saying, " I love you Mom." It may not have been. He may have simply just been saying "you" because he knew it was next. One way or the other, to me he was saying" I love you Mom!"

Now, for the next good news!!!!! Trenton peed on the potty today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again, I was ecstatic!!! I start jumping up and down while clapping for him. I wish I had a camera so I could share the HUGE smile he had on his face. He knew he did something fantastic! Mommy was soooooooo excited! This happened first thing this morning and we were unsuccessful the rest of the day. I have introduced potty training to Trenton a while back and this was our first successful moment! On average it takes years to get  the majority of children with autism potty trained. Not all but the majority with the severity that Trenton is normally take years. The normal age that most are officially potty trained is 6 years. Unfortunately, many have numerous accidents their whole life and quite a few can never wipe their bottom. I sure hope and pray that Trenton will be able to wipe his bottom and be fully trained!

Also, on Saturday we went to Landon's birthday party. He is the son of my friend, Emily. The boys had a great time. Other than the fact they tried to open Landon's gifts and wanted cake before cake time, they did great! The party was at the Health Department and the boys ran around that place like they owned it. After the party, we discovered that no one was at Burger King. Therefore, we went inside so the boys could play on the play ground. They both sat at the table for a few minutes and enjoyed their chicken nuggets. It is such a rare occasion that Trenton sits at a table for food other than cake.

Here are the boys enjoying Landon's birthday cake.

Eating like big boys at Burger King.

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