Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mommy's Birthday

Mommy had a good birthday! I spent it with these two little guys who would not take a good picture with me. Not only does Mommy look exhausted but both boys would not cooperate....bad picture!!!

 Trenton loves his letters and numbers.
 He spelled "cat" and said cat!!!! I am positive he knows how to spell many words.
 The boys had a visit from their Grandpa and Grandma today!
Grandpa enjoyed some cuddle time with Trenton.
 While Andrew enjoyed some books with Grandma.

Trenton continues to try to say a few words each day. The other day he wanted his shirt off and he came up to me and said "off" while tugging on his shirt. A few other times he repeated "off" when we were changing our clothes!
Today he walked up to the TV and said "watch". He has done this before randomly. Like always, I hope and pray this continues!

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