Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Off & Objects of the Day

For the last four days, Trenton has tried to say the word "off". He will walk up to me within a few minutes of being home, put his hand on his shirt, and say "och". He wants his shirt off. Mommy praises him like crazy, we take his shirt off, and he picks out a comfy shirt to put on. He really wants to wear a pajama top all day long. Its a battle every morning to get him into a shirt for school and therapy. I eventually do get him in one. However, he just wants it off as soon as we get home. The good thing here is that he continues to try to say a word or two a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be happier for him!!!!

One day last week, Trenton's object of the day was his elephant and zebra. He took them to school, therapy, and slept with them. One day on our way to therapy, this was my view of Trenton...
 He loved looking at his animals and smiling at them.

When we went to the doctor, his objects of the day were the three pieces of paper you see on the floor by him...
You never know what the object of the day will be. The gathering of objects and always having something in your hands is very common in children with autism. Some children will always have to have the same item. Trenton on the other hand, has a different item daily.

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