Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sensational ABA Session!

Trenton had a sensational ABA session yesterday. Wow! He left his in home ABA therapist, Alicia, speechless. When she ended her session with Trenton and came out of the room to speak to me, she had tears in her eyes and was literally speechless. When she was able to talk, she told me that Trenton read for her.
What happened was she has flash cards with animals, shapes, colors, and  household items on the card. On the back of the card has the name of the picture. She was showing Trenton the pictures and he kept on motioning for her to turn the card around and lay only the word side up on his desk. Well, not thinking that he would be able to read to her, she did what he wanted and never showed him the picture, and he said the word each time. Trenton said the word for all the basic shapes, animals, and colors with only looking at the word. I think what shocked her the most, is that he was able to try to say the long words such as rectangle. Mommy is extremely proud of him!! I just hope one day he can turn his therapy words into functional speech!
Trenton has seen the way to spell all of these words numerous times while watching Baby Einstein and during all of his therapy sessions since he was 18 months old. He just needed to see the picture and the word together once to know! Way to go Trenton!!

Earlier in the day we were in Effingham and had an ABA session with Heather. Trenton did a great job coloring the exact part of the picture he was suppose to with the color that Heather told him to pick up.
 She told him to make the letter T. He did a great job!

 She told him to make the letter R and the letter O. He did a great job making the letter O.

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