Friday, February 21, 2014

Trenton is 3 1/2 Years Old

Trenton is officially 3 1/2 years old. I was watching a home video the other night when Trenton was 2 and Andrew was 1. I can barley watch our videos without crying. Raising a toddler with autism is extremely hard but it just might be the best years of our life. The toddler grows up to be a teenager with autism and then a grown man with autism and we all know the decisions that we will cross during those years. I am not looking forward to that time at all.
However, he is 3 1/2 now and he is simply my hero in this life! Let's talk about what Trenton loves and dislikes right now.

Trenton loves:
  • His stuffed animals
  • His animal & Little People figurines
  • To paint & color
  • Puzzles
  • To watch Baby Einstein, Blue's Clues, The Wiggles,  Elmo, and any video that has anything to do with the alphabet.
  • To Run, run, run, & run some more!
  • To eat McDonald's or Burger King's chicken nuggets. His eating habits change about every 4 months. Right now he won't eat a french fry and he use to live off of those. However, he will start eating them again soon!
  • To eat pork roast.
  • Cheez Its. However, don't you dare buy the ones that can come with letters on them. This sends him into a frenzy every time. Letter do not belong on his cheez its! He also loves to eat cheese stix, cake, and ice cream.
  • To take a bath. Wow, we have came a long way in this department!
  • The alphabet and numbers.
  • His Grandma Great blanket's.
  • Animals, especially horses
  • Mailboxes
  • The color green and yellow
Trenton dislikes:
  • When his routine is off schedule.
  • When Andrew is around and taking Mommy away from him when he wants Mommy.
  • Too much free time.
  • The sound of the microwave
  • Lights on in the house. Yes we are still living in the dark.
  • When his lines are messed up.
  • Holidays. It is way too many people around and way too much stimulation.
  • Milk and many other food items.
  • Wearing a winter coat
  • Tags on his shirts.
  • Button down shirts. It is a huge battle to get them on him on Sundays.
There are lots of other likes and dislikes but these are the ones that just came to me.

Trenton has had a great week! He has only tried to eat paper once. He peed on the potty one time. He spelled his name for Jill, his speech therapist, and he spelled mom for her today!!  His behavior has been much calmer this week. I love weeks when he is not as wild.
His sleep has been great lately! Now I hope I just did not jinx myself.....that is usually what happens when I mention sleep on this blog.

What a beautiful Angel in Disguise, right?

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