Thursday, February 6, 2014

Trenton's behavior, therapy, and night time pacing

Another week of cancelled school due to winter weather. Trenton, however, is handling it fairly well this week. We have still managed to get therapy in each day except for Wednesday. Trenton continues to do okay in his therapies. He has been having some difficulties with his impulsive behavior and extreme hyperness in his therapy sessions.
Overall Trenton does great in school and therapy. After he gets home from both, he displays very wild, impulsive behavior. Some of his therapist and I have came to the conclusion it is because he does everything in his power to act as good as he can in school and therapy that he needs to release when he gets home. Therefore, he releases at home with extreme wild behavior. We, as neuro typical people release too. We release in a totally different way. Have you ever had a long day at work and you come home and let out a big sigh, sit on the couch, and just catch your breath for a minute? I am sure you have, we all have! Individuals with autism are unable to release like neuro-typical people. Remember, their brain is totally different than ours. Therefore, Trenton releases by running around in my house, climbing up on everything that he can, throwing toys around the house, running into the walls, hitting himself in the head, hitting himself in the face, and simply going 100 mph for the rest of the day. This kind of behavior was at its worst this week.
Nana, who is the best Nana to my boys that I can ask for, always helps us.  She took Andrew to her house this week and he spent the night with Nana so I could catch my breath and just chase after one child with autism.  Andrew was gone for 24 hours from me and showed no emotion when he saw me. Ugh!  He never even gave me a smile....most kids miss their mom after 24 hours or at least excited to see them!
I appreciate everything Nana does for us! If it wasn't for her, I probably would have already been in the hospital with a few panic attacks. No joke!

Anyway, while Andrew was at Nana's house, I had a Mommy therapy session with Trenton. He did fantastic for me!!! When I have time, I will share a very short clip of our session. Today, I will share some pictures.

This is the chart I use with Trenton. 

 He gets a sticker in the box after every time he engages and tries to talk to me during our sessions.

 For example, I will hold up a shape like I am in the picture below. I will say, "What is this?" Majority of the time, he will try to tell me what it is. Some times he can try to tell me right away or it may take him a minute or so to tell me.
I hope one day, we can turn our therapy words into functional speech.

I was working on something last night. While I was working, I hear Trenton say, " O, F, T,"
I turn to look at Trenton and realized that while he was saying those three letters, he also wrote them on my wall. Later, I had to take a picture of it and post it. He is really forming his letters!!!!!!! This is amazing!!!!
This is from ABA today! His therapist told him to write the letter O and he did. She told him to write the letters N,T,E and H. He did FANTASTIC!!!!! She wrote the letters next to his before she gave me the paper. Mommy was VERY excited and proud of him!!

Trenton has slept great for a week now!!! YAY!!!  He is getting better with his sleep once he gets to sleep, however, falling asleep is a huge issue. Lately, Trenton has to pace up and down our house for two hours or more before his body will let him relax in one spot to fall asleep. Can you imagine having to pace over and over???? Its all I can do to watch him. It makes his Mommy sad to say the least. While he is pacing, lights have to be out, if TV is on it has to be on a video with some relaxing music, sometimes Mommy has to pace with him, and he will only stop long enough to take a drink every once in while. Once he is finished pacing, he wants Mommy to lay with him or swing him in his swing. This is what our whole evenings consist of. No normal family life in the Conrad household. If Nana is not here in the evening helping me, I have Andrew and his issues I am dealing with at the same time.  Most of the time, Nana is here or Andrew is at Nana's house. Thank goodness for our Nana!

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