Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I have always got the boys a Valentine present. Normally, the presents are left over Christmas gifts that I never gave them because they received too many gifts from relatives. They loved their presents this year! After Andrew opened his, he said "more present."

  Mommy attended Trenton's Valentine Day party at his school! I love attending his parties.
 After school and therapy, Trenton did the unthinkable!! He helped Mommy eat her salad. WOW!!!! The only thing healthy I have ever been able to get him to eat before today was applesauce and green beans.
 After Andrew came home from Nana's house, the boys enjoyed their gifts and cards from Nana and Pops.

If you didn't notice, Trenton has had his hat glued on him for the past 24 hours. It was a big hit at therapy. Everyone love it!!

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