Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Crocodile Tears

It was a day full of huge crocodile tears. When I picked Trenton up at school I heard his cute little giggle coming down the hallway. It was so nice to walk into his school and hear that! When he saw me he came up to me and hugged my legs. A few seconds later he kissed me on my lips a few times! Immediately after all that, he got very sad and was sad the rest of the day.

When Trenton is sad and cries crocodile tears, it makes him tired. Therefore, he slept a good majority of the way to Effingham.
When I opened the door to get him out of the car for therapy, I noticed he was crying and holding his wrist. From this point on, he cried off and on for the rest of the day while holding his arm and wrist in an awkward way. I have no idea what he did to himself. Honestly, I have no idea if he really did hurt himself or if something out of the ordinary happened to his arm which led him to cry and refuse to use it. ( For example, if he has a band aid on his finger or hand, he will not use that arm. He still will not use that arm even after the band aid has been removed for a while.) Toward the end of the day, I finally got him to hit the "arm" button on his iPad. This told me his arm did hurt.

We drove all the way to Effingham for Trenton to cry those tears for Heather and refuse to work. He just laid his head on her table while holding up his arm crying. Therefore, she brought him back out to me in the waiting room and we headed home. With all this said, since he was sad and calm, I decided to be brave and try a restaurant with him. I took him into McDonald's and he was very good.  Unfortunately, he was sad so he was not climbing up on top of everything and running wild. I would say I had an extremely close to normal experience in McDonald's today. Trenton just sat at our table looking extremely sad....
 I hate the fact that it makes me feel like a normal mom when Trenton is sad. Right before we left McDonald's, Trenton climbed on top of my lap, buried his head in my chest, and let me hold him for a good five minutes. He would occasionally raise his head up and kiss me on my lips. I embraced that moment. I had no idea who was looking at us, but I didn't care!

Upon arriving at home, he was still sad. All he wanted to do was sit in my lap where he fell asleep again.
This was Trenton's first day where the majority of his day was consumed in a "sad stage". On a good note, I can't tell you how many times he kissed me on my lips. I think that was his way of thanking me for being there for him. Plus,I hear him say "mom" today when he walked in on me in the bathroom.

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