Friday, March 14, 2014

Dazed & Confused

You know you are a sleep deprived special needs mom when you have completely lost your mind. This past Wednesday, I have never felt so out of touch with myself.

I left a few minutes earlier than normal to pick Trenton up at school. I remember getting in my car and I remember certain parts of my drive into town. I do not remember parking, getting out of my car, nor walking up to Dollar General. However, I found myself walking through the doors of Dollar General. The second I put one foot in the store I had a "lost" feeling come over me.
"What am I doing here?", I thought to myself.
"Did I just drive here? Yep, there is my car outside. What did I come here for?" I am saying over and over to myself. I still stand in the doorway like a lost puppy looking for her owner.
I start walking the store. I walk up and down every aisle looking for some clue as to why I came to Dollar General. I spot a mom and daughter shopping together and I have my eyes glued on their cart for a clue as to what I might need. Nothing. Nothing rings a bell as to what I came into the store for. I look at my watch, it had been 7 minutes since I stepped into the store and I still had the most confused feeling that I have ever felt.
What did I do?? I grabbed some of Trenton and Andrew's favorite snacks, paid for them, and left.

Oh sure, I have walked into stores before and it took me a few seconds to remember what I needed but nothing like this! I was a sleep deprived special needs mom walking around Dollar General dazed and confused.

This is what happens when you are raising a child with autism who does not sleep. Who knows....I might be raising two children with autism who do not sleep. One way or the other, Trenton's horrible sleep pattern is back and Andrew's horrific sleep pattern continues. If the walls of my house could would have some stories to tell.....stories that most people could not even fathom.


  1. I will never stop praying in this area for you and the boys. Never!!!!

  2. Hello Angela. My name is also Angela. I recently came across the Top Mommy Blogs website and joined myself. I have a little girl with special needs of her own, and I just wanted to say that I LOVE the scriptures you include in your posts. They are some of my favorite verses to which I cling daily for direction and strength. Thank you for including them. My website is if you'd like to compare lives sometime. You are definitely not alone, and it is WONDERFUL to know we aren't either.