Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We made it to Trenton's doctor appointment in Saint Louis yesterday. I was afraid we were not going to make it due to the ice storm. Thankfully, the storm was not as bad as predicted. Anyway, this appointment was with Dr. Twyman, Trenton's developmental pediatrician. The focus of this visit was Trenton's ADHD, anxiety, and sensory processing problems. She believes that Trenton's sensory processing problems play a major role in his ADHD and anxiety. I could not agree more!
She kept Trenton on the same medications. However, she adjusted the dosage just a little.
Trenton was great with the doctor. Our last doctor experience was a nightmare and that was only one month ago. This visit he was able to handle the atmosphere and his surroundings very well. I was very proud of him. Andrew and Nana went along for the ride and Andrew was great too!

Trenton loved the racing room we were in!

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