Sunday, March 2, 2014

Good Week!

Trenton's week has been fantastic overall. It has been one of the most affectionate weeks he has ever had I believe. On Friday when Trenton saw Emily, his OT, he greeted her with a kiss! It was so sweet to watch!  He still continues to kiss me on my lips and I love it!!!! It is awesome!!
He did fantastic in his therapies on Friday. He even read for Jill. I can't remember all the words he read but I do remember he read "baby" and "book."
He  had a few sad moments this week. One was at school and a few in his therapy sessions. I believe when he has these moments, he wants something and doesn't know how to communicate it. At the time it happens, he is having a "clear" moment. At school, he was sad because he said "pizza" for breakfast. After he got his pizza, he wanted cereal and couldn't have cereal because he already had pizza. At the time, pizza was probably easier to say.

The boys spend a lot of time side by side these days. I love it! However, when Trenton is done and doesn't want Andrew around anymore, then Andrew better move quick before he gets hurt.

 Mommy had a friend that took her away from my house of autism yesterday and I had the best time!!! She even gave me a few things for the boys and one item was this car decor for Andrew's room and he loved it!!!!
 This always brings a smile to my face.....
 That is something you can find in the movie, Cars.

I also love how Andrew lines them up and smiles at them.

This is how he gave up his fight for bed last night.

Before Trenton gave up his fight for bed, we had a pleasant surprise at our front door. Trenton's Sunday school teacher and some kids from church brought us over some food! It was awesome and a big help! I had been up til 3:00 AM on Friday night with Andrew and did not cook on Saturday simply because I was too tired. Therefore, the food was a huge help! Thanks so much!!!

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  1. I'm so happy that Trenton had a great week. Most importantly that he showed affection towards you. I know he feels it Angie but it's just so hard to do it. I hope his good days continue!!!!!!!