Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Neurotypical Moment!!

After a miserable night on Sunday night I really needed something to lift my spirits! Guess who lifted them for me????? Trenton!
I had an amazing experience when I picked him up from school on Monday. Ms. Jenny walked him to me like she always does. The second Trenton saw me he dropped her hand, put a huge smile on his face, and ran to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He ran right up to me and hugged me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was one of the closest to normal moments I have ever seen from him. He ran to me like a neurotypical child would run to their mom. It was priceless and no words can express how amazing that feeling and moment was for me. He connected with me on every level. The smile! The eye contact! The hug! WOW!!!!!! It has been on my mind non stop since it happened!
Thank you Trenton!!! The good Lord knew I needed that!!!!!!!!!

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