Friday, March 28, 2014

Toes/Sleep/Echolalia.....and More

 Trenton has had a good week in therapies. He read some words again today. Of course, I can't remember all the words he read but I remember one of the words was "toes." He read toes!!!! This was a surprise to me. I know he has seen a picture of toes and seen the word before. However, not as much as he has seen some other words. Trenton has spelled a few words at school lately too! Like I have always said, the lack of sleep does not play a role in his therapy sessions and school time.

One of my favorite things to do is to look at Trenton when he is asleep. As you can tell from my blog, I love taking pictures of him sleeping. The battles that he goes through just to fall asleep is grueling to watch. I know if he could he would tell us how awful it feels. Therefore, when he is asleep he is at peace. He isn't suffering with sensory issues....not battling issues of how to communicate...not in therapies in order to improve his life...not battling all the numerous battles he goes through daily.....he is just simply asleep. Free from his struggles!

This is how he fell asleep the other night around 4:30 AM.

Andrew continues to fight his battles daily too. Andrew and I went to Nana's house for a few minutes today. As we were leaving, I look at Andrew and said, "Tell Nana bye Andrew."
Andrew says, "Tell Nana bye Andrew."
Mommy shakes her head and says, "No. Tell Nana bye Andrew."
Andrew says, "Tell Nana bye Andrew."
Mommy says," No Andrew. Andrew says bye Nana."
Andrew says, "Andrew says bye Nana."

This is just yet another example of Andrew's communication problems. On some days, we feel he is getting worse in this area.

On a good note, Andrew notices kids unlike Trenton. However, he does inappropriate play with the other kids. His cousin, Lincoln, is one of his favorite buddies to play with. They played a lot this week....or should I say it is Andrew following Lincoln around doing EVERYTHING that Lincoln does and I mean EVERYTHING! If Lincoln falls, Andrew falls. If Lincoln gets a diaper change, Andrew thinks he needs a diaper change. If Lincoln coughs, Andrew coughs. If Lincoln scratches his nose, Andrew scratches his nose. I think you get my drift. It is very sad to watch. Andrew is helpless and has no idea what to do around other people so he does everything that everybody else does. This is inappropriate play when it goes to the level that Andrew takes it to.  

Here they are enjoying some cupcakes!

Grandma Great enjoyed some cuddle time from the boys!
 They looked so cute sitting in their Elmo chairs. Of course, no one cooperated for a picture.

 I think this is the best one...

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