Saturday, March 8, 2014


Thursday and Friday were great in therapy!! Trenton participated well! He labeled lots of objects. He read a few words and I am so mad because I can not remember the words he read today. Also, he typed his name and typed "run" today for Jill. I have to laugh at this. Run!!??? I would bet a thousand bucks, which I don't have, that he wanted to go run!! How does he know how to type run?? I wonder if he knows what it means or recalls seeing those three letters together before. A mystery I will never find out!

At school Trenton continues to thrive as well. The other day, even before the teachers  had  talked about who was absent, Trenton said, "name of student" "sick". This does not surprise. He notices everything!! Good Job Trenton!!

He has had two bad nights of sleeping out of the last five. Yikes!
Oh, by the way, his arm is perfectly fine. I think it was more of a mental thing on Wednesday with his arm

A few nights ago he fell asleep with his blankets on his head while holding his sippy.

Andrew still continues to be Andrew!
He can label items but as far as functional speech he is no where close to where he needs to be. He still repeats everything you say. Sometimes he gets frustrated and flaps his hands when he wants something and can't say it. He knows how to have some big tantrums with dilated pupils every time. He is still not sleeping well. Definitely appears to be in his own world a lot of the time. His eye contact is no where close to what it should be. He still does not greet Mommy and Daddy like the majority of toddlers do.  With all that said, Andrew still has some major issues.

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