Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wendy's Thoughts!

I have met some amazing new friends since my journey of autism has started. One of those moms shared her thoughts with me the other day and I wanted to share them with you! 
Thanks for sharing Wendy!

Nothing can prepare you for the challenges that will come with parenthood. There are late night feedings and early morning awakenings. It is no longer about what is best for you but what is best for the little person whom depends on you for everything. You spend countless hours dreaming of all the things your little could become, all the accomplishments you hope them to achieve. If you are lucky things keep progressing normally and before you know it you are watching graduations and weddings and having grandchildren. But for 1 in 88 of parents there is a different kind of journey. Autism will take you on an emotional roller coaster in which you have to put all your dreams aside for your child. Your new dream is fighting in every way possible to give your child a shot at independence. You want to know that when you die your child will be able to survive. So you enroll your child in every therapy that you can afford. If you can't afford therapy then you sell your house or you fundraise. You may even find yourself restricting your child's diet and filling them full of supplements hoping and praying that SOMETHING will restore the connections in their brain. You just want your child to be able to have a conversation with you. You want more than 2 seconds of eye contact. And you want to protect your child from the stares and bullying of those who just do not understand. You mourn and cry for all the things you know your child can never be. There is a new appreciation for every milestone achieved. No word is ever taken for granted, talking too much simply is not possible. When your child is finally potty trained it is a joyous occasion. You look at your child with much respect. You know all the inner obstacles he is facing. You know the battle he is having with the lights shining in his eyes, the scratchiness he is feeling with his collared shirt, the fact that he doesn't understand exactly what is going on around him and what people are saying. Yet he gets up everyday, possibly a little grumpy, and faces the world head on. He sits through 17 hours of therapy each week and works hard. He works hard to accomplish things most parents take for granted. Although he will never fulfill all the dreams I had for him as a baby, my son is a fighter and I am so proud of him. He accomplishes great things on a daily basis and I know he is capable of so much more.

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