Saturday, April 26, 2014

Autism Baseball Game & Walk

The first annual walk for autism in Flora was today. I believe it was a success but for Trenton and I it was nothing but more stress, more sensory overload, and more fuel to the fire. 80% of my whole day was managing Trenton's always.  However, the highlight of the day for us was the first annual autism baseball game this morning.

Coach Uncle Brian Tackitt had Trenton and Andrew throw out the first pitch. It will be one of my most amazing memories that I will carry with me during this life. It is a good thing I wore my sunglasses because behind my glasses was two eyes full of tears. They were tears of joy and tears of sorrow.
I was so ecstatic when they both walked out on the field, especially for Trenton! However, it was very humbling knowing that this might be the closest they ever get to playing sports. They have much bigger obstacles in their life. I am very blessed that their Uncle Brian wanted them to be a part of the autism game! Thanks Uncle Brian!

Uncle Brian showing and telling Andrew how to throw the ball.
 He did it!!! Good Job Andrew!!!!!!!!!!
 That was one good throw Little A!
 Now it is Trenton's turn!

 Instead of throwing, he walked the ball to the catcher. Good Job Trenton!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The boys with the whole team!

 Taking a wagon ride at the game.

 Trenton and Mommy had to leave the game early. Trenton lasted one hour and that was good enough!

In the afternoon, it was time for the walk! Of course, Trenton just wanted to wander away. Again, not one minute of the walk was relaxing and fun. In fact, Trenton and I did not even get to particpate in the actual walk around the park for autism. Trenton was having a meltdown. I watched the walk from a distance and left immediately after. Its a sad day when you can't even walk for autism because of your child.

Emily and I before the walk!  She is one of Mommy's special friends.
 The boys had fun in the bounce house.

 Trenton loved Blue Clue's!

 Watching the walk from a far because I was doing what I do best....managing a meltdown. Of course, Trenton had to be the worse behaved child with autism there... but I am getting use to it.
 I really wanted lots of pictures of all the family who came from several different counties to support us. That did not happen. Lots of things never happen due to autism.

Thanks so much to all of our family, church family, friends, and the community as a whole who came out today. It means more than you know! I barely got to speak to anyone because of Trenton's behaviors but just knowing you were there for my boys, means the world!

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  1. This day was definitely full of fun with all the games and activities. But in my opinion the highlight of this day was, when they were able to experience playing baseball. It’s a good opportunity for the kids to be exposed to sports. They may struggle at first, but with all the support from all of you, and with Uncle Brian to coach them, nothing is impossible.

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express