Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Compression Garments

This is week two of Trenton wearing his new compression garments. These garments fit closely to the body, it delivers a “portable hug” called deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS).   For many patients this type of therapy product helps them stay calm and focused by stimulating their muscles and joints though deep pressure.
Numerous times throughout the day, Trenton needs deep pressure and deep pressure hugs. The garments will also help him "feel his body" which he has a difficult time feeling his body due to his sensory issues. When Trenton is having a hard time feeling his body, he becomes very anxious, hyper, and won't stop pacing back and forth. Again, having the tight fitting clothes will help him with this issue. 
So far, he loves the garments. I'm not sure it is going to help him stay calm but I think it will help him feel more secure. As long as it helps him in any way, I will buy them! 
The down side to this is the fact that it is summer and he has to wear this under his clothes.

Here is the cutie showing off his new compression garments.



  1. Nice garment and nice to know about deep pressure touch stimulation (DPTS). Kids reallt like these garments and also good for their health.

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