Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Day!

It was a good day!

First, it is almost impossible for autism moms and/or special needs moms to get away. Two of my best and oldest friends stole me away today for two hours. It was the best medicine for me today. They did nothing but show me their love for two hours. Thanks so much girls!

Secondly, I received an email that my blog was featured on
This made me REALLY happy. Two Brothers One Journey story is getting out there in the world and I couldn't be more thrilled about this.
Here is the link

Thirdly, in Trenton's therapies today he responded with "no" when he didn't want to do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What parent is more than thrilled with their child saying "no" other than an autism mom?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!
Later in his speech therapy session he did the sign language for "yes".
Good Job Trenton!!!

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  1. Dear Angela,

    I have learned about your boys through a friend. She has told me what a wonderful person you are and how sweet the boys are. I teach children with autism.

    I have worked with many children with autism and I know that when you have met one child with autism, you have met ONE child with autism. Autism effects each person very differently. I rejoice with you over each small accomplishment and have heard the cries of children who were fine one moment and are totally unable to cope the next.

    As a Christian myself, I know that the Lord will honor all of the scriptures in this blog and more. He will lead you and guide you, your husband and your boys throughout all of your days. As the Lord leads, I will pray for you all. Know that you have touched my heart and those of many others, I'm sure. You are truly blessed!