Monday, April 28, 2014

Hunger Pains?

Here is just another small story of what Trenton and I go through....

A few weeks ago he woke up in the night crying. Obviously it is not unusual for him to wake up in the night but the way he was crying was different. It was not a meltdown. He was simply crying hard with huge tears rolling down his face while his smile stayed upside down. Instantly, I grab his iPad to try to figure out what was wrong. However, he had nothing to do with the iPad for communication. I was persistent and kept on trying to get him to tell me or show me on his iPad why he was crying. I showed him the word"hurt", "upset", "sick", "tired" to just try to get him to tell me at least one word on what was making him upset. I simply got nothing out of him except for more tears.

As the time went on, he was crying harder and his behavior was on the verge of turning into a meltdown. All of a sudden he put his hand on his stomach. Of course, I figured his stomach hurt and he was having gas pains. I showed him "stomach hurt" on his iPad and this seemed to make him more mad. After 50 minutes of this I got the brilliant idea of giving him a snack. My conclusion, since he put his hand on his stomach, was that maybe his stomach was growling  and he did not know what it was and how to make his stomach stop growling. Therefore, I gave him his favorite snack. He ate it and wanted more. I gave him more snacks and he seemed much better! MUCH BETTER!!! After he was done eating, he grabbed his blankets, grabbed my hand, and led me into his bedroom where he want to lay with me until he fell asleep.

I am sure we all have had our stomachs growl and hurt because we were hungry. Can you imagine having that feeling and not knowing what it was and why your stomach was feeling that way? I can not fathom it! It's very gut wrenching knowing your child's life is like this.

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